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Searching for Musical

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    Posted 05-30-2019 19:05
    Hi guys, I'm having trouble finding a musical to suit our unique environment.  We are K-12 international school in Japan.  Over the past 30 years we've done all the obvious choices or we can't do them (no Disney in Japan.  Long story...) so I was wondering if I could collect some lesser known options that don't come up obviously with an MTI or Google search.

    An ideal show for us would be:
    -opportunity for younger students in a chorus type role
    -we have LOADS of talented females and only a few males
    -the play can't rely on witty dialogue as most of our parents are non-English comfortable.  Slapstick comedy is a hit.
    -something with a positive message.  We've had many discussions about choices like Grease and the messages they send to our young ladies

    So, any obscure musicals that we haven't considered?

    Brodie Nicholl

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    Posted 05-31-2019 11:35
    Hi Brodie,

    A musical that might fit your needs is a commedia 'del arte  version of "Androclese and The Lion."  It may be done with or without the music and is a lot of fun. Being as it is in the style of commedia, there are lots of opportunities to add a good deal of 'slap stick.'  The cast can have as many in the ensemble as you wish. Perhaps a cadre of students to play everything from shop owners to statues.  You can get by with a minimalist set, but you may set it in any geographical area or any time.  A fun show with which you students could have a lot of fun.



    Mack Dugger
    Glendale CA

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    Posted 05-31-2019 13:43
    A musical we did a few years ago, which remains a favorite and which seems to have very little exposure is ZOMBIE PROM. It is campy, smart, playful, (although a teeny bit raunchy). The dialogue may not fit the criteria you set forth, but I am always surprised more high school's don't produce this show. it's a winner!

    Keith Burns
    Theatre Arts Director
    Paradise Valley AZ

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    Posted 06-01-2019 05:39
    I did “Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates” with a girl-heavy class a few years ago. There is both a one-hour and full-length version. It's lesser known but a single set with lots of opportunity for visual play. Good luck!

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    Posted 07-25-2019 08:58
    @Brodie Nicholl

    You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
    Li’l Abner
    Oz! -Pioneer version
    Secret Garden-Pioneer version
    Meet Me in St. Louis -Pioneer
    Mirror Image - Pioneer

    Maria Stadtmueller
    St. Augustine School
    Kendall Park m, NJ

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