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The Sound of Music - Chorus Options

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    Posted 03-21-2019 13:31
    Hi all,

    I am the theater director for a pretty large program in a High School. Based off our talent, the shows produced for the last few years, and many other factors, "The Sound of Music" would be a perfect show for us to produce next year.
    My fear is that with such a large program, we may have issues with having so many students not on stage for a majority of the show and only getting to participate in one or two scenes as nuns or nazis. I'm not worried about it for one year, but I fear it may be an issue with retention for the following year.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Matthew Levine
    Waynesboro PA

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    Posted 03-21-2019 13:45
    A large program is a perfect opportunity to cast freshman in roles for which they will have relatively little stage time, and in chorus roles. It's a good opportunity for them to learn the expectations, make mistakes with little consequence, and get used to the time commitment. They are also able to prove that they are team players, and that there are no small actors. For proven performers who will still be cast in chorus roles, or small roles, give them leadership roles within their groupings, like allow them to block one song, or be in charge of entrances and exits for shared scenes. I did this with Annie, allowing small groups to find a separate place to work, and block their own scenes while principals worked with me. The small groups then came back when called, showed me their work for adjustment, and reworked scenes with my notes. It gave them agency over their roles,and gave them understanding of the importance and power of every part of the play.

    Rebecca Fahning
    Desert Pines High School Theatre/ Tech Director
    ITS Troupe 6125, Troupe Director
    Las Vegas NV

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    Posted 03-22-2019 07:56

    What a wonderful problem to have. In regard to "Sound of Music", the chorus parts and specifically the nuns are vocally quite
    challenging (SSAA) in several instances and unless your younger singers can sing in parts, this can be a real issue.



    Dana Taylor
    MSD of Mt. Vernon
    Evansville IN

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    Posted 04-08-2019 10:40
    We just finished this show and it is a wonderful choice when you have the talent and students to fill the roles. The nuns have difficult music that took almost our entire rehearsal period (about 3 months with lots of weather delays) to learn. We had all ages in our superfluity and the seniors were able to help the freshman learn the ropes. It actually felt like a lot of time was spent on our nuns, and this helped the students to understand how important every role is to the production. I doubled my Nazis in the dance numbers and it gave them more to do as well. It is such a huge production- everyone was busy all the time. I cannot recommend TSoM highly enough!

    Lindsey Fifield
    Thespian Advisor
    Canton NY