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  • 1.  Election!

    Posted 25 days ago
    EdTA Members,
    I hope you received a message in your Jan. 27 inbox concerning the ongoing Board election. This election is of utmost importance to our membership. The election is open until March 17, 2021, but why not take advantage of the weekend? 

    Do your homework & research the candidates so YOU can have a voice in YOUR organization. Look for that email in your inbox or check the website for 1 minute candidate introductions and resumes.

    There are three vp/ pres candidates. We will choose ONE to serve 2 years as vp, then 2 years as our president.
    There are nine candidates for Board. We will choose TWO to serve 3 year terms.

    This is YOUR chance to make YOUR voice heard!!
    Debbie Corbin, past president, chair of nominations