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Remembrance Readings: WWII - Present

  • 1.  Remembrance Readings: WWII - Present

    Posted 09-02-2021 06:43
    Good morning,

    I have been tasked with "creating" a selection of readings that range from WWII to the Present. Although I can find specific responses to specific acts I was wondering if anyone know of a good program, interp., etc. that might be able to help broaden the scope. The organizer through the district wants an hour and that is a lot and I am grasping at straws.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Charles Davis
    Teacher and Coach
    Waynesville High School

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    Posted 09-03-2021 10:50
    As time is less and less on our side for having WWII veterans with us, I will explain a project that I did several years ago.  We performed on Dec 7.  High School students sought out WWII veterans and interviewed them.  Those interviews were turned into monologues.  We got one from each branch of the Services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, WACS.  Then picked the best stories to be told.  High School students performed the monologues.  We thread them together in an USO tour show with a big band, The Andrew Singers, and a dance corp.  It was all set against radio blubs from Roosevelt, and Churchill.  It turned into a huge event.  It became the largest attended event in the area. (East Texas).  We even had a grandson of one of the vets portray his grandfather's monologue. It was an amazing experience and turned out far better any of the planning committee had devised.  That's one way to do it.  And it sure worked for us.  ​​

    Kelly Thomas
    Poteet High School

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    Posted 09-04-2021 13:06
    Several years ago, I wrote a play about a stateside canteen during WWII.  While I was inspired to write the show by the letters my father and his brother wrote during WWII, I did most of my research of the period and canteens (USO and otherwise) online.  I discovered that a wealth of information​ has been collected.  Your students could excerpt from those oral histories to write monologues.

    One of the discoveries I most enjoyed during my research was the enormous role that female pilots played during WWII by testing repaired planes and ferrying those planes from base to base.

    The Library of Congress has tons of oral histories.  I did a quick search for transcripts of WWII oral histories that contain the word Missouri, and found there are many.  (I found nothing until I capitalized Missouri; apparently, that search field is case-sensitive.)  The Library of Congress has oral histories beginning in WWI and going through Iraq and Afghanistan

    You might also consider poems about war.  Search for "American war poems" or specify conflict.

    CJ Breland
    Retired Theatre Arts Educator