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Interview Questions

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    Posted 8 days ago
    We are hiring a new choral director at our high school. This person will be the music director for our yearly musical, our departments work closely together, and we share a lot of the same students. As the theatre director, what questions would you ask at the interview? 

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    Posted 7 days ago

    1- Do you like musical theater? 

    2- Have you ever music directed a musical?

    3- what's your relationship to team teaching and collaborative process with other adults? How do you like to plan? And what must haves/ dealbreakers do you have in those relationships?

    4- How do you support developing voices in learning to belt safely? 

    5- Can you tell me how you coach students on the difference between choral singing and musical theater group singing?

    6- Three musicals you think would be perfect for our school/community/ your own artistic investment? 

    WT McRae
    Director of Theater
    Berkeley Carroll School