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Plays Made of Monologues?

  • 1.  Plays Made of Monologues?

    Posted 06-30-2020 13:52
    I, like many, am on the hunt for plays made up of monologues that could be edited together to stream. If you've produced any of the plays you're suggesting, could you speak as to how they were received by the audience?  Thanks!

    Drew Whitley
    D. W. Daniel High School
    Central, SC

  • 2.  RE: Plays Made of Monologues?

    Posted 07-01-2020 10:47
    Following. I'm looking at a couple versions of SPOON RIVER and ORPHAN TRAIN. I also think it's possible that a documentary-style piece like THE TRIANGLE FACTORY FIRE PROJECT, THE LARAMIE PROJECT, or AND THEN THEY CAME FOR ME could work in a digital medium. I'm looking into some pieces that explore the immigrant experience as well: SEEDFOLDS (Playscripts) and ROWING TO AMERICA (Dramatic Publishing). Thank heavens for digital perusal samples!!!

    Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
    Theatre Department Coordinator
    Fishersville VA

  • 3.  RE: Plays Made of Monologues?

    Posted 07-02-2020 07:32
    FYI, I directed ORPHAN TRAINS last year for my fall play @ my school and it was a huge success. (Another part of American history that most people know little to nothing about.) I think it could work beautifully as a DL production. ​
    Take Care,

    Garry Tiller
    Theatre Arts Teaching Artist
    Sidwell Friends
    Washington, DC

  • 4.  RE: Plays Made of Monologues?

    Posted 07-02-2020 00:08
    Pioneer Drama Service has a BRAND-NEW royalty-free monologue collection that would be a beautiful one hour production edited together. It's literally hot-off-the-press so I can't tell you how it'll be received, but we are super stoked about them. Called Quaran-Teens, it's the teenage perspective on the pandemic. While realistic, they all have an element of hope, celebrating the resiliency of teens. And again, it's royalty-free!

    Debra Fendrich
    Executive Editor

  • 5.  RE: Plays Made of Monologues?

    Posted 07-02-2020 09:44
    I think TALKING WITH by Jane Martin could work if you have 11 female students you want to showcase. 26 PEBBLES is another play that could work. The topic is about the Shandy Hook school shooting, so it is a drama, but it probably would translate well into a performance for this type. I am definitely considering a script that would allow for at the very least socially distanced performance options.  Who knows if that would be live, streamed or virtual?

    John Rutherford
    Groves Performing Arts Company
    W.E. Groves High School
    Beverly Hills MI

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    Posted 07-02-2020 16:30
    Last year, our spring production of The Laramie Project was cancelled, but I had a handful of students who wanted to be part of this video compilation. It was received extremely well by our community. The play is composed mostly of monologues, so it worked out with the students filming themselves at home while i coached them. It is an intense docudrama, though it is very powerful and educational. Good luck!

    Miguel Zavala
    San Francisco CA