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Live Streaming a Production

  • 1.  Live Streaming a Production

    Posted 16 days ago
    My school administration recently told us that we will not be allowed to have a live audience for our performances, but instead will need to live stream our productions.

    I know about live streaming royalties when it comes to doing shows which is no problem, but I am unsure about some equipment.

    I have canon cameras and lenses accessible to me which will be no problem to use, but I am unsure about audio. I'm afraid attaching one microphone to the camera is going to make the actors too quiet considering the distance from the camera from the actors, and the amount of background noise which may get picked up.

    Is anyone else experiencing the issue of not having live audiences are are resorting to live streaming? I'd love to know how you're managing!

    Conner Carlow
    Stage Manager
    Yukon OK

  • 2.  RE: Live Streaming a Production

    Posted 15 days ago
    Hi Conner,

    Not sure if you saw my post the other day...but BookTix is hosting webinars on this very topic all this week!

    Come join us.

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    Jason Goldstein
    East Brunswick NJ