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Finding a cap gun and caps...

  • 1.  Finding a cap gun and caps...

    Posted 01-27-2019 13:52
    As you probably know, we cannot buy fake guns in CA from any online source, even if that source, like Walmart, sells them in stores elsewhere. In the LA area, stores do not carry toy guns, "especially cap pistols," one employee told me.
    While I agree with this policy, it creates a few challenges for a few shows. Namely, our Spring 2020 Production of Chicago. I would like to use a cap gun on stage rather than sound effect if possible. So I thought I would reach out and ask what others may have done in a similar situation... ideas? Thank you in advance.

    Jason Hayes
    North Hills CA

  • 2.  RE: Finding a cap gun and caps...

    Posted 01-28-2019 11:39

    I have use these for our plays for many years.

    Robert Rotenberry
    Theatre Chair
    Long Beach CA

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    Posted 01-28-2019 13:02
    Hi Jason,
    I totally understand the cap gun conundrum. When we did West Side, we connected with the athletic department and we borrowed a starter pistol for the track meets. It was very effective. Just a thought.

    James Fry
    Director of Student Life and the Malvern Theatre Society
    Malvern, PA

  • 4.  RE: Finding a cap gun and caps...

    Posted 01-28-2019 22:18
    Jason, you can get those cap guns in Long Beach or Santa Ana, if you're willing to drive down. You have to hunt around a bit, but for some reason, the smaller "bodegas" or tiny convenience stores in the lower-income areas carry them. It sounds bizarre, I know, but I've seen them! I'd be surprised if the same types of bodegas in LA didn't have them. My daughter is a sprinter and I just bought a couple of them last fall, at a similar kind of store.

    John Glass
    Playwright, co-founder of Student Plays
    Teacher and Playwright
    Newport Beach CA

  • 5.  RE: Finding a cap gun and caps...

    Posted 01-29-2019 16:56
    Search "Prop Gun Rental" online and you find many resources for great quality props.  Just be sure you have a complete safety program in place and meet with your administrators and local law enforcement about it so they know when, where, and what kind of props you will have.  Assure them that the props are to be locked-down when not in use and that no-one will touch them except the property master and the performers that actually use them.  For all intents and purposes, treat them as if they are actual loaded weapons.

    Conduct separate rehearsals with only the actors involved in the scene present so they get comfortable with handling the props before you introduce them into the general rehearsal.

    Have a zero tolerance policy for anyone not authorized to touch the props. One touch, out they go!  No excuses.  No exceptions.

    Erich Friend
    Theatre Consultant
    Teqniqal Systems