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Reconnecting with students?

  • 1.  Reconnecting with students?

    Posted 26 days ago

    I know I'm not the only one who typically has kids hanging out in their classroom at the beginning and end of the day. I think this might be one of the things I miss the most right now, being that safe place where they can relax for a few minutes and talk to their friends, vent about their parents or siblings, share good news and bad. It looks like we are still going to be virtual after break, so I am trying to come up with ways to recreate that environment and reengage my students. I just want it to be an optional thing, no grades. My first thought was a Google Meet once a week, either before or after classes. I want to have some icebreakers prepared, or maybe a quick game or conversation starter just in case it's hard to kick it off. What are your suggestions? Or do you have other ideas to stay connected with your kids?

    Kate Cline

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    Posted 20 days ago

    Hi Kate! There were some great suggestions shared on a previous thread to help you get the conversations started, you can check it out here:

    Zoom Icebreakers

    Let us know what else you come up with, I'm sure there are others out there who would appreciate some new ideas!

    Ginny Butsch
    Community Engagement Manager