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    Posted 06-19-2019 20:30
    I am a theatre teacher-director, and I am replacing a very successful teacher-director (20 year tenure).  I have directed since 1996, but I am an English / Drama teacher.  This is the first time I have been in charge championship program. I am considering doing these shows this year, and I would appreciate your input. While the program has been successful and won awards,  the program, by design, has been kept. I want to expand our program and involve as many students as possible. 

    Fall 2019 
    One-Act Competition possibilities - (1 of 2)
    The Proposal - Chekhov
    The Crosspatch- Larry Randolph (A West Texas Farce based on Chekhov's The Boor)

    Straight Play Fall 2019 (1 of 3)
    Rumors - Neil Simon 
    Crimes of the Heart
    Almost, Maine 

    Spring Musical 2020 (1 of 2)
    Little Shop of Horrors
    Anything Goes

    Spring Finale
    Much Ado About Nothing 

    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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    Posted 06-24-2019 13:47
    Hi Jeff! Looks like you have it narrowed down to some great choices, I think it would be tough to go wrong with any of these. You might want to search past threads (on the right side of the blue navigation bar at the top of the page) for the titles of the shows and read about the challenges or questions others have had while producing them.

    For example, with your musical choices, I know there have plenty of questions about how to build/rent/purchase Audrey II puppets, but with Anything Goes, you might need to spend some time thinking about how to appropriately address the Chinese converts. Maybe one of these is easier for you to solve and will help you make your choice.

    Good luck!

    Ginny Butsch
    Community Manager
    Educational Theatre Association
    Alexandria KY

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    Posted 06-24-2019 16:00
    Hi Jeff!
    These are all great selections, depending on the program and the community.  Rumors is still one of my all time favorite show memories.  I've done Anything Goes multiple times with different schools to great success, but not recently.  I did Little Shop when I first took over my current position 20 years ago.  The students LOVED it and it bought me lots of good will as it was the first thing I did and involved as many students as I could and was just FUN!

    It's hard to give input without knowing the program the students are used to and the community...but here's some thoughts on the two musical choices.  Both have challenges in our 2019 climate.  As mentioned, the converts in AG are potentially a negative.  I would read some of the other threads for thoughts there on handling them appropriately.  LS is also a challenge with the Dentist - he's abusive and the dialogue and the song lyrics are clear that he likes inflicting pain, particularly on women.  I don't know if this character can be softened or lyrics changed - that would be a question for the rights holder.

    I think I would chat with a few stakeholders...Admin, students and parents and see what their thoughts are.  You want to set a tone for your leadership of the department, but don't want to spend next year recovering from negative push back regarding this years choices.

    Best of luck!!

    Amy Learn
    Ballwin MO