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    Posted 27 days ago
    Good Afternoon,

    Is anyone rehearsing and performing a show online? I need to be able to demonstrate to my school that other people are doing it. I also have to do this today. Please help.

    Ellen LaSalle

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    Posted 27 days ago
    We are rehearsing and performing online. All of our rehearsals and performances will be via Zoom.

    It's a Young Audience show - Emperor's New Clothes.
    The set designer is designing virtual sets (to be used on green screens).
    We are building the green screens (built to fit each actor's individual performance room) and the TD is delivering the green screen kits to the individual actor's homes. The screens are not expensive or elaborate. We are doing demo videos for the actors so they can assemble the screens themselves in their homes.

    The Costume Designer is completing virtual measurements this week. She will be putting together costume pieces that are from the actor's closets with costume pieces that she is building. These items will be delivered with the screens.

    And the LD is creating "lighting kits" that the actors can set up and operate in their homes. This is to make sure that all the performers have even lighting.

    So far, the most expensive items we have had to purchase is wireless ear pods so that the actors can move away from their screens and still be heard clearly through the computer.

    Hope this helps! Good luck

    Tracie Folger
    College of Lake County
    Grayslake IL

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    Posted 26 days ago
    We did our production of Aladdin online via Zoom in the spring. It went well. We recorded them on zoom and then I spent many hours editing the play together. We sent the actors backgrounds so that they could download them to help create the world. Since you know going in that you'd be doing a play online, selecting a play that is written for online would make the process easier. Another avenue to explore would be a radio play...
    I utilized the breakout rooms for rehearsals as well as having us all online together for rehearsals doing ensemble exercises etc. I noticed that the kids fatigued quicker online so in retrospect if I could go back I would break the rehearsals up with fun engaging games though out the rehearsal to keep everyone energized. That being said one of the huge pros of doing an online show is that the students focus grew rapidly as did their listening skills, they were really listening to one another which helped them all improve their skills set. Great focus and listening skills are excellent real world skills to develop! The students really cherished their time online together. They got to be creative and have that connection with their peers.
    For our production we had people log in and watch via zoom the prerecorded play but the quality of the feed suffered. I have since found a streaming platform that will stream the production and keep the integrity of the recording it's called, ShowTix4U. You can do live stream, pre recorded and on demand. Their service even handles ticket purchases. To use this service you have to ensure the show has copyright for an online production and streaming.
    We had a good experience with our online production and whilst we all want to be able to have in person productions safely again I do think that online will increasingly hold a space in creating art.
    Hope this helps.

    Andrea Johnston
    The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts
    Danville CA

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    Posted 23 days ago
    In short, yes. Last spring, I produced a show for my graduating seniors who were robbed of their final performance. This fall, I'm doing two online productions - one is a Halloween murder mystery all on zoom and the other is a devised piece - also completely on zoom. Both are student written. And the students involved in the creation of these pieces are really excited about what they're creating.

    Kaila Schwartz
    Theatre Arts, Director
    Milpitas Unified School District
    San Jose CA