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State guidelines for the arts?

  • 1.  State guidelines for the arts?

    Posted 06-11-2020 08:56
    My state (Virginia) has announced plans for returning to school in the fall and what new classroom protocols will need to be in place. It has laid out specific provisions for athletics, but I don't see anything about arts or other extra curricular activities. Has anyone received guidance from their state about how we may eventually be able to resume drama club meetings, rehearsals, and performances?

    Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
    Theatre Department Coordinator
    Fishersville VA

  • 2.  RE: State guidelines for the arts?

    Posted 06-12-2020 08:38

    Hi Cassie,

    EdTA is finalizing our Recommendatoins for Reopening School Theatre Programs document and it should be ready for sharing by the end of next week. Thanks for asking.


    James Palmarini
    Director of Educational Policy; Editor-at-Large - Teaching Theatre
    Educational Theatre Association
    Cincinnati OH

  • 3.  RE: State guidelines for the arts?

    Posted 06-12-2020 14:15
    Cassy, I am in the same situation.  Thank you for asking this!

    Holly Smith
    Marietta High School Theatre
    Marietta, GA

    Holly Smith
    Theatre Director
    Marietta City Schools
    Marietta GA