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SISTER ACT THE MUSICAL for High School - Community response or issues?

  • 1.  SISTER ACT THE MUSICAL for High School - Community response or issues?

    Posted 07-02-2020 17:53
    I'm interested in producing SISTER ACT at my high school this year, however, I have some concerns about some of the content.  I teach in a semi-conservative district in North Texas; we certainly have some very open-minded community members and a fairly diverse program, but people in the area still lean towards a bit more conservative and religious. That said, I'm a liberal from Los Angeles, so I'm still perfecting my "Texas barometer" for appropriateness.  For context: "All Shook Up" had a fairly lukewarm reception for us, while "Newsies" was a smash hit.  

    I am wondering from anyone who's done SISTER ACT - what was the reception in your community?  Were there any complaints or issues?  My main concerns are a) the somewhat irreverent humor from Deloris at the beginning of the show (singing things like "Christ on a stick," etc.) and the song "Lady in the Long Black Dress" where the mobsters sing about seducing the nuns and there's lots of religious/sexual innuendo ("Meet your missionary of romance;" "Let's give you something to confess;" "I don't mind keeping it immaculate").  Don't get me wrong, I personally think the song is hysterical, but...does MTI give any possible substitutes/alterations for any of this?  I've seen that it's been done at Catholic schools, and I can't imagine they've kept that in (but maybe they're progressive and I love that!).  There are also a few jokes about Deloris' ethnicity that, in the world's climate right now, I think are passé and are in poor taste, but I will happily take that up with MTI if I decide to do the show.

    In any case, I would love any insight on high school productions you've done, the response, and any issues - I think I have a great cast for it, the music is fantastic, and the messages are lovely.  Thanks for the input!
    Karen Ruth
    Director of Theatre
    Coppell High School
    185 West Parkway Blvd

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