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Bring it On: The Musical

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    Posted 05-12-2018 12:18
    I'm planning my next year and strongly considering Bring it On The Musical. I'm wondering if anyone has had any particular challenges or successes with the show. Can you please share them?
    Also, did you request any script changes? I'd really love for it to be a show the whole family can enjoy, but there are an awful lot of "slut" and "ho" comments that make me uncomfortable. There are no preapproved script changes, so I'm wondering if you made any requests and submitted them to MTI for review- and were they approved? Would you share your script changes with me?
    Thank you!

    Summer Heartt
    Theatre Arts - Teacher/Director
    American Canyon High School
    American Canyon, California, USA

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    Posted 05-12-2018 12:25
    Here is what I do. Those words are vile so instead of swearing, I just say "jack". Like "You Jack weed" or "Jack Daniels" instead of gosh Dang it. It brings out the comedic effect in things too. That is just a thought of mine. Good luck next year! I'm use the kids will have a blast! :7

    Seven Harrison

    Provo UT

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    Posted 05-13-2018 09:39
    I did this show a year ago and the kids loved it! I did not put in a request for changes we just censored ourselves. We just took out ho and slut, Which there isn't a lot of. We weren't even allowed to say ass or damn at my school. So we just said butt and dang. Or during a rap a kid literally censored himself by skipping the word completely like you hear on the radio. Fun show!

    Kendra Schroeder
    Surprise AZ

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    Posted 05-14-2018 09:42
    That is a flagrant violation of the contract you signed. Actions like this show the students that contracts, agreements, and the law don't apply to them. It is also enormously disrespectful to the artists who created the work. If you can't do it as written and don't get permission to change it, don't do it. Don't be the bad apple that ruins it for the rest of us who follow the rules.

    John Perry
    Drama Instructor
    Atherton High School
    Louisville KY

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    Posted 05-14-2018 11:43
    I don't have answers for you, but just thought I'd share I am directing BRING IT ON as well next year!  I think the whole family will enjoy it despite those few crass references.

    Brooke Phillips
    Omaha NE

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    Posted 05-24-2019 01:48
    I just announced that we are producing Bring It On: The Musical for our next season. We're keeping everything since we signed the contract to produce the show. Maybe we can share tips and hints, as well as ideas this coming year!

    Jo Strom Lane
    Theatre Teacher and Director
    Roosevelt High School
    Portland Public Schools
    Portland OR

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    Posted 05-24-2019 09:11
    We had an awesome experience with Bring It On.  No issues with language or anything!  It was one of my favorite shows I've done!  Lots of work, but really super fun!!

    Brooke Phillips
    Teacher/Director of Theatre
    Millard West High School
    Co Chapter Director-Nebraska Thespians

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    Posted 05-25-2019 09:57
    I produced Bring It On this spring. We have some fantastic costumes we would be willing to sell at a great price!

    Mark Saltalamachia
    Executive Director Tennessee

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    Posted 06-02-2019 12:53
    We didn't end up removing any of the language, and didn't have any issues from audience members (that I know of).
    The show was a tremendous challenge. Every single kid needed to learn either how to sing, act, or dance (cheer), and some of them had to learn all three!
    But they learned so much and the show ended up a huge success.
    One thing I didn't realize is how extensive the costuming would be. The uniforms were complicated! We ended up purchasing uniforms from a athletic supplier and adding our own logos on the front, which saved us a lot of money, but was a lot of work.
    Our costumes are actually available for rent or purchase, so please let me know if you're interested!

    Available to rent are:

    1. 1 Parrot costume - Truman Mascot
    2. 18 Truman Uniforms - Red, white, & silver skirts and tops- Girls' size XL, Women's sizes XS-XL, 1 Men's Red and white track suit - size L, 1 red and white track pants - size L
    3. 2 Lucky the Leprechaun Costumes (one head) - Jackson Mascot
    4. 22 Jackson Uniforms - Green & Gold - Girls' size XL, Women's sizes XS-XL, Men's Green track pants/shorts, sizes M-XL

    Please contact me for more information.

    Truman Pyramid
    Cheer Stunting
    Truman Squad and Bucky
    Jackson High Uniforms

    Summer Heartt
    Theatre Arts - Teacher/Director
    American Canyon High School
    American Canyon, California, USA

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    Posted 05-17-2018 14:46
    I did Bring it On last year. I loved the show and we had great success with it.

    The biggest challenge was cheerleading. I’ll be the first to admit that I did not think cheerleading was a sport. Until now. It’s a CHALLENGING sport!!!!!! I hired a cheer coach to work on the routines with our choreographer. We had to use legitimate mats (panel ones are not enough). We needed to have ice on hand at all times in case someone went down (which a kid went down at every practice). Kids needed to cheer condition 2-3 times a week so I had to work that into rehearsals. They also had to really stretch prior to any cheer practice. This was all stuff I did not realize going in.

    I also needed to figure out where the lights were going above their heads and how much space that left us because when we did lifts or tosses in the air I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

    The other major challenge was lights. We did a wall of lights on stairs in the back so it looked like Broadway. Considering we have no lights on our stage, that rental cost us over $16,000.

    We also needed to work in the projections needed for the show. This was hard for us as we don’t have a very technical theatre.

    The last challenging part was La Cienega. Staying true to the character I wanted to cast someone who would play a trans character, not an effeminate boy in a blond wig. We met with trans students and studied as much as we could so that Jonathan (the one I cast) would play this role as accurately as possible.

    This is a huge undertaking but it’s an amazing project! If I can help you with anything else or want to see our version, let me know.

    Carolyn Little
    High School English Teacher
    Toms River Board of Education
    Beachwood NJ