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Musical Production Organization

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    Posted 4 days ago
    Hello everyone!

    I just recently took over our spring musical at our high school and I am looking for tips to stay organized without carrying around 85 binders with me. I have an iPad that I am hoping to use as my main hub.

    Does anyone have any specific apps or program you use to stay organized for your productions? Do you have an helpful tip to pass to a newbie?


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    Posted 4 days ago
    I don't use anything special - just a binder for my physical script and a few other documents (contact sheet, audition forms) and a shared google drive folder. I create a musical folder for myself in google drive where I house documents only for my eyes - like our budget, licensing contracts, audition notes, etc. - and then a shared production team folder that gets shared with my student stage managers, student assistant directors, choreographer, music director, TD, and anyone else who needs access. Anyone who creates documents or files related to the musical houses them somewhere in that main folder so that we all have access as needed. Our SMs keep rehearsal reports there and email them out to anyone who has a specific note in them at the end of every rehearsal. I give all my cast and crew access to a digital google sheet with our rehearsal schedule in it and also email it out weekly. I think the key is that whatever system you use should be accessible to anyone who "needs to know" and easy for you to organize. Break a leg!

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    Posted 4 days ago
    My most important organization tool is a Shared Google Drive. All "paperwork", forms, and other items needed to track every part of our process is done through Google Forms, Spreadsheets, etc. And I can archive all of it once a show is over, and still access it later if needed.

    We use SignUpGenius for students to sign up for audition "slots", and Wix for our website. Everything else is Google-based. 

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