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    Posted 05-04-2020 14:58
    We are looking at musicals for our June 2021 production. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has been suggested. HAs anyone done this show? Does it have name recognition with students and parents? ANy other feel good good for all ages suggestions? Would prefer non-Disney musicals- we have a community youth theatre that does these- so most have been done recently.
    Is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child available? Is it doeable by a high school? I saw the cast list - it looks huge - not  sure we could get that large a cast but then for Harry Potter maybe?  Who has the rights?

    Is the merger of Tams Witmark and Rodgers and Hammerstein worked out or ?

    Thank you for your help.

    Cathy Archer
    Rutland VT

  • 2.  RE: Musicals

    Posted 05-04-2020 15:29
    We had a great time with Monty Python's Spamalot. While there is definitely the British humor (and all that goes with it), it goes over the heads of children. I'm in a pretty conservative area and had no issues with it.

    R&H and Tams (among others) are now under Concord Theatricals.

    Shira Schwartz
    Chandler Unified School District
    Chandler AZ

  • 3.  RE: Musicals

    Posted 05-05-2020 11:18
    Regarding Harry Potter, as of the Broadway shut down it was still playing so rights will not be available until it is not being professionally performed (which will include tours, though that show is really big and may not tour, at least in it's current form.) Also HPatCC is a two part performance, presenting over 7 hours of content in two 3ish hour performances. Depending on your student body and rehearsal periods it would be incredibly strenuous. ​

    Erin Coulter
    Theater Teacher
    The Hill School
    The Plains VA

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    Posted 25 days ago

    Not sure Chitty has the same name power as it did in the past. What kind of shows are you looking to do. I love Spamalot! So very funny and great roles. Godspell is another good one. We recently did the updated version and had an amazing time. Once on this Island.

    Crit Fisher
    Lighting/Sound Designer
    New Albany High School