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3D Printer Projects

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    Posted 07-07-2019 10:51
    Greetings, Educators,

    What do you use 3d printers for in Acting Classes and/or theatrical productions?

    Our school was fortunate to be selected into the GE Additive Education Program's third-year class! s. As a result, our school will receive a 3D printing classroom package consisting of:
    • Premium Polar Cloud account
    • Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer
    • Curriculum/Lesson Plans from STEAMtrax and Tinkercad
    With the addition of this additional 3D printing capacity, we are encouraged to think about how to incorporate 3D printing into our classrooms. In the past our IT dept has done the following:
    • Printed animal and plant cell models for biology
    • Converted CT scans into 3D printed models for anatomy.
    • Printed objects for dioramas used in Spanish.
    • Printed 3D mathematical models for BC Calculus.
    • Printed parts for rocket models for science.
    I want to find ways to give my theater students a chance to use this technology.  Any ideas????

    Thanks for any ideas!

    [Becky Beth [Benedict]
    [Theater Teacher, Director & Arts Dept Chair]
    [The MacDuffie School
    [Granby] [MA]

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    Posted 07-07-2019 15:44
    I've been thinking about that for a long time now, and the things that keep coming up are props and costume accessories. Small ones can be done in one shot, and larger ones can be printed in parts. If your printer can use .STL files, you can do some fairly complex models in SketchUp (the professional version), convert the files to .STL, and send them right to the printer. Or you can use another 3D design program.

    As a set designer, I don't see any point in printing models of the set, since there are better ways to present a design. But you can design and print models of specialty furniture and such as a help to the builders.

    George F. Ledo
    Set designer

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    Posted 07-08-2019 03:53
    I would also investigate building scale models.of your stock scenery. With an inventory of scaled platforms.and flats, design students could plan transitions and floorplans effectively. 

    Brian Bozanich
    Director of Theatre
    Maumee Valley Country Day School
    Toledo OH

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    Posted 07-08-2019 07:43
    I have used 3D printers to print scale models of set designs

    Jennifer Hemme
    Henderson NV

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    Posted 07-08-2019 09:10
    We’ve used our 3D printers to print props. Most recently we made old style microphones for our production of Annie.

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