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A Simple Virtual Fundraising Tool With An Educational Twist.

  • 1.  A Simple Virtual Fundraising Tool With An Educational Twist.

    Posted 21 days ago


    Thespian Troupe 2129 Alum and Broadway producer, Michael Alden (class of 74) is making his recently digitally captured holiday musical, Estella Scrooge available to theater departments nationwide to use as a fundraising tool to support your 2021-22 high school theater season. The opportunity also includes: Access to the Study Guide which delves into this modern day telling of A Christmas Carol and many of Dickens other works and, A guaranteed invitation for students to attend a virtual Master Class with Dickensian scholar and Estella director, John Caird. Click Here For More Information On How Your School Can Participate.


    From September 1, 2021, our Christmas Musical, Estella Scrooge: A Christmas Carol With A Twist will be available to High School Theatre students as a fundraising tool to support your 2021-22 theater season.

    Estella Scrooge is a Dickensian Musical Extravaganza brought to life by some of Broadway's biggest stars. A modern retelling of A Christmas Carol with additional characters and plot lines from Great Expectations, Little Dorrit, Bleak House and other great Dickens novels.

    Participating schools will have direct access to sell 72 hour rentals of the digitally captured family friendly musical, with 50% of all funds raised going to your theater department and/or Thespian Troupe. Each school will have a specific affiliate code which will make it easy to track sales and revenue.


    This makes fundraising both simple and safe - as students can rely solely on digital communication.


    In addition to the fundraising component, teachers may use our Study Guide free of charge.  The Guide chronicles the characters and the story touched on in the new musical, but also delves into many of Dickens' famed works.  


    Before the end of the 2021 semester, students will be invited to a virtual Master Class led by Dickensian Scholar and Estella Scrooge director, John Caird (Also known for Les Miserable, Nicholas Nickleby, Jane Eyre and many productions at the Royal Shakespeare in London). A once in a lifetime experience!


    This is a turnkey partnership and requires no additional support from the school.   72 Hour rentals will be priced at $14.99.  The clock starts ticking when the viewer presses PLAY.  The musical will be available at all times after September 1, 2021. Click Here for More Information

    Michael Alden