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The Latest Issue of ArtsPraxis

  • 1.  The Latest Issue of ArtsPraxis

    Posted 10-07-2021 07:30
    The most recent issue of ArtsPraxis can be found here:

    In ArtsPraxis, Volume 8, Issue 1, contributors reflect on their diverse practices, many of which fall under or draw upon trauma-informed and healing centered practices. As you peruse the issue, EdTA and ArtsPraxis wish to highlight the following articles:

    • In the editorial, Into the Traumaverse, Jonathan P. Jones identifies symptoms of trauma, how it might emerge in the drama classroom, and provides some strategies and coping mechanisms to address trauma in today's classrooms.
    • In Aesop's Idols: Nationalization of Classic Texts to Create a Culture of Inclusion, Kaitlin O.K. Jaskolski highlights the methods used to facilitate, assess and stratify learning outcomes in order to create a culture of inclusion as illustrated through case studies on devising and the performance of Aesop's Idols at Westside Inclusive Theatre Company in Houston, Texas.
    • In Picture Other Voices-A Conflict Transformation Drama Project, Dawn Ingleson probes her use of conflict resolution models at a Primary School Federation in London, UK. Ingleson implements nonviolent communication, systems theory, and philosophy for children to create a simultaneous community of inquiry and practice using versions of forum theatre and process drama via a journey of immersive practice.

    Daniel Doerger
    Membership Innovation & Integration Associate Director
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