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Storytelling unit for high school

  • 1.  Storytelling unit for high school

    Posted 11-19-2019 12:25
    Hi all,

    I've got an upcoming storytelling unit in a high school Intro To Theatre class. I've taught storytelling before at all grade levels, and I'm just looking for some other ideas. I already have several of The Moth resources. I'd like this unit to build around family stories for the winter holidays and I plan to introduce the major holidays of the winter season. Most of my students cultural tradition will be Christmas. I think I want them to create their own story from a cultural tradition they are most familiar with. Anyway, I'm rambling a bit, but I appreciate anything you can share that might help me as I'm structuring this.

    Thanks! Jane

    Jane Dewey
    Director of Arts Education
    Lexington KY

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    Posted 11-19-2019 12:40
    What about having them research winter/holiday legends and stories from their families and/or from your region/state?  It would be a great opportunity to interact with family members and incorporate personal/family stories with folk tales and traditions.

    Elana Kepner
    Theatre Instructor
    The Oakwood School
    Greenville NC

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    Posted 11-22-2019 18:46
    Check out ideas like Stoop Storytelling. Our local NPR station here in Baltimore also has “Out of the Blocks” featuring a neighborhood block in the city. There’s also the “Mortified” series.
    Obviously all would have to be adapted for your students - you know their interests and capabilities best! (Thanks for the idea BTW, I’m putting this one in my pocket!)

    Kelly Cardall
    Theatre Arts
    Health and PE Chair
    Mount de Sales Academy
    Baltimore, MD