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after school requirements for theatre classes?

  • 1.  after school requirements for theatre classes?

    Posted 07-30-2019 14:18
    Do any of you have a class that you cast your show from? And use that class period to work on the show (to rehearse, work on their character, etc.)... but also still require after school rehearsals?  If so, how do you word this in your syllabus?  I'd like to try this for one semester this year (instead of open auditions, only cast from my theatre class).... I'm just wondering how you word it in your syllabus that they will be required to attend after school rehearsals as well.  In a perfect world, I'd only have students in my theatre class that want to act and be in a show... but I always have a few that don't care anything about theatre in class, so I want them to know from the get-go about the requirements of the class.  Just curious how others word this! Thanks in advance!

    Brandy Brewer
    Jonesboro AR

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    Posted 07-30-2019 16:09
    I simply state that the course will require some commitment outside the scheduled school day.  The level of participation outside of the school day will be determined by the individual students part (on stage and behind the scenes).  I put it in bold and place it just after my course description.

    SPECIAL NOTE:  This course will require students to participate in extra rehearsals and performances beyond the school day for the Winter Showcase for the first semester and the spring musical for the second semester.

    Of course the administration needs to back you on this requirement before you place it in the syllabus.  In all my years, I have had only one student drop the course due to the after school requirement.  In extreme cases, I allow the student to be an usher for the performances or work in the ticket window and not require any other outside time besides performances.

    Hope that helps,
    Amy MacCord

    Amy MacCord
    Musical Theatre Teacher
    Hawthorne FL

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    Posted 07-31-2019 06:39
    I have had multiple classes where I do a production as part of the class, and have often used both before-school and Saturday all-day rehearsals to get in what I can't accomplish during the class. I always make sure I have an extra rehearsal schedule ready to give students the first day of class, so they can let me know conflicts and I can plan for it. In addition to putting something in the syllabus, I have also found it good to send home an informational sheet to parents that they need to sign and return, so that everyone is aware of the requirements for the class. This just helps me cover my bases with both parents and administrators if a problem arises. I have only ever had one issue with doing it this way that needed administrative help. Otherwise, it's been smooth sailing!

    Quincy DelColletti
    Anderson SC

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    Posted 07-31-2019 12:53
    I am trying this for the first time this year also. After years of doing all-school shows and putting in 300+ extra hours, I decided I needed to give myself a break (did Lion King, Jr. in March and Phantom in April-exhausted does not begin to explain my spring!) Not sure yet how I am changing my syllabus. I plan to only have after school rehearsal the week of the show. I am waiting to check out my class/cast the first week or two before I choose the show. One acts for fall. Musicals for spring. I had the admin put actors and tech in each class so I am hopeful we can do it all within class time. Good luck to us both! Message me as you work/plan. Maybe we can collaborate on best way to make this work.

    Veronica Stephenson
    Enterprise AL

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    Posted 07-31-2019 16:15
    My advanced class performs 4 nights of one-acts each year (1 a quarter). I fit all of the rehearsals into the class time excluding tech and performance. Those dates are included in the syllabus and I have the kids take out their phones and add it into their calendars on the first day of class. This ensures they have plenty of time to let parents (and, since I assign a grade on it's return, parents are aware of the expectation from day 1) and jobs know when they will be unavailable. That's a reason I also ensure that all the rehearsing takes place in class time. Most of my students need to have jobs and if I included additional time (beyond the already scheduled rehearsals for our main stage pieces which we cannot have done through the class) I would lose amazing kids who really want to be involved but wouldn't be able to.

    One of the things I do to ensure that there is enough time to get everything rehearsed is have a rehearsal schedule by the end of the first week of school that the kids get (I also color coordinate it for quick reference on who is rehearsing when). Each piece gets 6-7 hours of class time guaranteed to work. That leaves time for technique, individual event and group event pieces to work in class. It's tight but doable. The kids just have to buy-in and be ready to work. And honestly, if I removed time from individual and group rehearsal time I could add in an extra 3+ hours of time for each piece

    Shira Schwartz
    Chandler Unified School District
    Chandler AZ

  • 6.  RE: after school requirements for theatre classes?

    Posted 08-04-2019 16:45
    I always rehearse both during school (45 minute block) and after school (an extra  1 hr 15 mins) 4 days/week. Here's what my description says:

    The Winter Show is an advanced acting class that stages a full-scale ensemble production. We spend approximately 11 weeks in rehearsal, culminating in public performances at a theater we rent in Los Angeles. [blah blah blah class description] Please note that this class includes rehearsals during Z Block and after school until 4:30 Monday-Thursday throughout the term, and long rehearsals until 7pm plus some weekends during Weeks 9-11. 

    Arden Thomas
    Sequoyah High School
    Pasadena CA