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Student Actors

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    Posted 09-03-2019 13:39
    I have been teaching for over thirty years. During that time I have always had more actors than students interested in tech. Over the last few years this has dramatically changed. I now teach a course in Stagecraft and Design which specifically says in the description that there is no acting component. I can fill this class three and four times a year!  I have a really hard time filling my Intro to Acting.  Even in my after school productions I have difficulty getting actors.  Is anyone else having difficulty finding actors?  The Level of social anxiety that i see in young people is very troubling. Thoughts?

    Cathy Archer
    Rutland VT

  • 2.  RE: Student Actors

    Posted 09-04-2019 10:03
    I've only been in charge of the Drama program at my school for a few years, but I have also noticed that the tech side has more interest than the acting side. I have at least 1/2 and 1/2 interest, but most of the "actor types" don't want a lead role. They just want to be involved, partially because of anxiety. Troubling, I agree. Probably lots of causes and a very complex issue.

    Kevin Welsh
    Auditorium Director
    Columbus East High School