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'Night Mother - missing pages

  • 1.  'Night Mother - missing pages

    Posted 19 days ago
    I am in a bind and I hope someone can/will help me out. My students are doing scene work and I USED to have a copy of 'Night Mother but apparently someone "borrowed" it without checking it out. I have a couple of girls doing the Mama/Jessie scene at the end and I am missing the last page or two of the scene. Most of the scene was in my files, so I have pages 48-53, but I need the rest of the scene when Jesse shoots herself behind the closed door while Mama beats on it. 

    I intend to purchase another copy for my library, but could really use that last one or two pages for the students right away if anyone is willing to scan and send it to me. I promise I am not trying to cheat the playwright/publishing company.


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    Posted 18 days ago
    Ann, I have a hard copy, message me and I can help you out.

    John Glass
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    Posted 18 days ago
    Thank you everyone! Someone was able to get me the missing pages and now the students have what they need. Now if I can find some time to order scripts for the class library...

    Ann Hileman
    Indiana Executive Board
    Maconaquah High School
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