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New Lighting Bootcamp: Hawaii

  • 1.  New Lighting Bootcamp: Hawaii

    Posted 01-09-2019 14:38
    Need an excuse to spend the weekend in Hawaii? Enroll in a Lighting Bootcamp and take your skills to the next level.

    Saturday, February 9th

    9am-2pm (breakfast and lunch included)

    Introduction to Stage Lighting
    Learn the fundamentals of modern stage lighting during this four-hour bootcamp.
    Think like a lighting designer and start using the tools of the trade.

    This class is for the people who need to plan and execute lighting for stages. That includes venue staff, technicians, teachers, students, and aspiring designers. We start at the beginning, but we'll quickly move on to intermediate topics with advanced tips included throughout.

    You'll learn:

    • The Functions and Qualities of Light
    • Overview of the Lighting System
    • Equipment Demonstrations
    • Introduction to Light Fixtures
    • The Lighting Design Process
    • Designing in 3D with Capture Software
    • Importing Scenery and Creating Renderings
    • Connecting to ETC Nomad

    You'll receive:

    • A complete set of course notes
    • A flexible sample design to light a variety of events
    • Next steps to continue your education

    Save $100
    Book by January 31st: $195
    Book after February 1st: $295

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    Benjamin Pilat
    Director of Education
    Stage Lighting Bootcamps