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1.  Flying Fruma Sarag

Posted 07-04-2014 12:35
It looks like we are doing Fiddler for our musical this year, but I'm not sure how the heck we are going to fly Fruma Sarah in the dream scene. I had an in with a rigging company when I last did the show, but they are in LA and I am in Seattle, so that is a no go. I don't really want to pay all of the expense of Foy, Hall Stage, etc. for that one single moment in the show, and I'm not even sure if the district will let me rig it anyhow. Has anyone done the scene in such a way that doesn't require rigging the actor? Any suggestions? ------------------------------------------- Josh Butchard Woodinville WA -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-04-2014 13:56
When we did it years ago we did the standard "Entering from the grave via trapdoor on the shoulders Of a strong actor wearing a long dress to cover it all. " it was scary, funny, and worked well. ------------------------------------------- Ron Wells -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-05-2014 10:17
I saw a middle school production once that used a truck, covered with the "skirt" of her dress, that Fruma Sarah stood on and was wheeled in by a few of the ensemble.  She crossed the stage from up left to down right.  Nice effect.

Robert DiMartino
Theatre Teacher
Cumberland High School
West Warwick RI

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Posted 07-05-2014 10:17
We have done the show twice in 10 years. 

      The first time we built a "lifeguard's chair" structure with casters that she stood in/on. A person inside the base pushed her onto the stage from USR and around as she sang. She wore a red dress top that matched a huge red dress covering the rolling chair.  The fabric was sheer enough that the operator could see out(scrim effect). That and glow tape guides on the floor kept her from going over the edge. The cyc was side lit red and shaken to create the look of fire.  The Spirits carried in gravestones as part of the choreography. Tevye and Golda were in a raked mobile bed. Grandma had been singing to them from a trap in the middle of the bed before the music and lights changed for Fruma Sarah's entrance. 
     What we learned: The scene was scary and effective however we moved her so fast across the stage that some of the audience was scared for the actress's safety. That took them out of the story so we slowed down and kept her farther back from the stage edges. 

     Our second time we build a larger bed that split into two halves. It had an over-sized headboard and hinged wings representing the bedroom walls. This hid instead of a lifeguard chair a battery powered man lift.  Fruma Sarah rose up from behind the bed as it split with a smoke mask - Tevye's half to DSR and Golda's to DSL. We flew in 6 weighted (with a piece of 2"x4") foamboard gravestones as she rose up. Some Spirits crawled out from under the bed, some out of the orchestra pit.  Others were under her "dress".  Others manipulated long fabric arms with Coroplast hands to create a marionette effect for the choking.  
    We moved Fruma Sarah from USC to DSC and then back as the scene closed. 

E. Amy Hill and her team created the costume, Tony Matthes director the concept.  There are some beautiful pictures of the scene taken by the Festival photographer John Nollendorf. We performed on Friday June 27th 2014 at the Lied.

Both methods were effective.
Bob Sedoff
Board member Mn chapter EdTA
Sedoff, Inc.
Edina High School
Edina MN

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Posted 07-06-2014 18:44
I put Frumma Sarah on painter stilts. With a little practice she was able to move quite well. ------------------------------------------- Linda Brown Theatre Director Oklahoma City OK -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-05-2014 09:33
I did fiddler this year, we had her enter on an actor's shoulders covered with the long dress as mentioned. It was a highlight of the show. ------------------------------------------- Jeffrey Davis Plainsboro NJ -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-06-2014 09:29
Mazeltov! Twenty years ago I directed Fiddler and had a six foot Fruma on the shoulders of a 6 foot three guy. We made the dress to cover them both, so you couldn't see the actor below. Last year, I directed it again. We created a 12ish foot structure for her to stand on and draped the dress over the entire structure. Actors pushed the structure around the was all done in black light, so you couldn't see the actors. If you would like to see pics, e~mail me. ahillman@... <ahillman@...>. Both worked great but I prefer the second idea, it was super effective and the crowd ate it up! ------------------------------------------- Angela Hillman Director of CAPA Livonia Public Schools Livonia, MI -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-05-2014 09:33
I am planning to do this musical in our school's 2017 season, and have been talking to several folks as we start bouncing ideas around for how to tackle some of the trickier aspects. An absolutely genius idea I have heard from one friend specifically for Fruma Sarah was that their production had her on roller skates, concealed by the flowing dress. They even had video of this, not on YouTube sad to say, but it worked really well, very effective, funny and strangely ethereal. Something to consider, perhaps? ------------------------------------------- Phillip Goodchild Valrico FL -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-05-2014 20:42
We wheeled her around on a big wheeled shop ladder like you find in Home Depot type stores. We owned the ladder though. And she wore a "dress" that covered the ladder. Email me if you want me try to find a picture. ------------------------------------------- Joanne Karr Walnut CA -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-06-2014 18:44
Try putting her on painter's stilts. ------------------------------------------- Linda Brown Theatrical Director/performing Art Department Chair Oklahoma City OK -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-06-2014 22:14

Here is our Fruma standing on a ladder with wheels that we bought from Linens and Things when they went out of business. We rented a long wedding dress from Fullerton Civic Light Opera and then covered the ladder with white fabric.  It was operated by a techie inside the middle of the ladder and one on the outside.  We did a lot with lighting to keep it scary and moving with dancers around her in white.  
Kathy Cannarozzi-Harris
Chairperson Of Visual And Performing Arts
Mission Viejo High School
Laguna Hills CA

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Posted 07-21-2014 23:29
When I was in high school, our Fruma Sarah entred in the back of the auditorium and sulked around the back of the auditorium before hitting her mark for, "Look! Who is this? Who is this? Who draws near?" Then, she came down her main aisle, which put her in front of Tevye's and Golde's bed, haunting him over Golde before taking her spot behind the bed, lurking over Tevye. It created spooky effect. ------------------------------------------- Jared Grigsby English and Journalism Teacher / Drama Director MSD of Boone Township Valparaiso IN -------------------------------------------

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Posted 07-06-2014 22:14
We used a large ladder on wheels that we bought from a Linens and Things that was going out of business.  (We have rented it out a number of times since for Fiddler productions)
We had the actress wear a long wedding gown and then covered the rest of the ladder with flowing fabric.  We were able to put a techie in the ladder and had one pushing her.  We did a lot with lights and movement around her.  

Here is a picture: 

Kathy Cannarozzi-Harris
Chairperson Of Visual And Performing Arts
Laguna Hills CA