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  • 1.  Best version of Alice and Wonderland

    Posted 10-13-2021 04:39

    Hello all!

    Now that we have narrowed our production list down to Alice In Wonderland for our spring show, I'd like to know what version has worked best for you?

    We are a small, new middle school program and are looking for a non-musical adaptation with a handle full of non-gender specific roles.

    We're excited to journey down the rabbit hole, there are just lots of options- Any and all advice/tips are welcome!

    Thank you! 

    Molly Busby
    Teague Middle School

  • 2.  RE: Best version of Alice and Wonderland

    Posted 10-14-2021 07:51
    Congrats on a new adventure Molly! How exciting! I feel you on the millions of editions of the Alice stories to read.  

    We have performed the Brainerd Duffield version, it was my favorite- though I cut out the walrus and the carpenter as well as the mock turtle (my preference and with permission!). It calls for at least 20 actors, and is definitely a little long. You can find that one

    We also have performed 'Alice vs. Wonderland', it's very 90's to me, which I like. I let my student directors direct that, it was fun! It is written for 18, mostly females, and we changed the gender of a few characters. 

    Hillary Bogers, MEd
    Theatre Director
    Jack Britt High School

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  • 3.  RE: Best version of Alice and Wonderland

    Posted 10-14-2021 08:40

    James DeVita's Looking Glass Land is great and sounds like a good fit for you.  But it is Looking Glass, not Wonderland.  It doesn't do any of the crossover of the two that lots of adaptations do – all chess, no playing cards.  Actually, I think the Hatter does make an appearance, which I think is a crossover. But you won't get size changing or the Queen of Hearts or the White Rabbit. 


    Rob Kimbro

    Head of Fine Arts


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  • 4.  RE: Best version of Alice and Wonderland

    Posted 10-14-2021 15:01
    We are currently in production and are using the adaption by Jason Pizzarello. Cast size: 31, but I double several parts to fit 24 actors.  It is gender flexible and what I love best is it is 75-90 minutes.

    Sonja Brown, Theatre Teacher
    Thespian Troupe 839
    Galt High School

  • 5.  RE: Best version of Alice and Wonderland

    Posted 10-15-2021 09:53
    I just adapted Alice in Wonderland for my high school program (we're currently in production, opens Oct 28). I was looking to update the story to empower Alice (specifically, to let her talk back to Lewis Carroll), to provide gender fluid roles for everyone, and to create a large number of substantive but not super large roles for the sake of including as many students as possible. I split Alice into 10 different people -- they can be of any gender -- to emphasize the multifaceted nature of our personality, especially as we grow up and make our way through the wonderful (and sometimes horrifying) landscape that is middle school/ high school. There could be as many as 50 roles, but they are easily doubled between scenes, so you could pull it off with as few as 20, maybe even 15 with a few revisions and some quick changes. I'm also open to revising (after my production closes in early November) to meet the needs of your program and to draw out the story that will speak to you and your students. Since the play is still brand new, I would be happy to let a school program use it for free with special permission while I'm getting it ready for publication.

    Please email me at if you would like more details or if you want to talk about next steps.

    Hannah Gould
    Theatre and English Teacher
    Monta Vista High School

    Hannah Gould
    Theatre Teacher
    Monta Vista High School

  • 6.  RE: Best version of Alice and Wonderland

    Posted 10-23-2021 21:46
    Congrats Molly!

    It's so exciting to be at the start of a new program!! Introducing new students to the wonders of live theatre and encouraging more experienced students towards growth is the ultimate for me!

    What a fabulous story to choose for the spring. I have experience with a wonderful, literal adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Robyn Hilt with loads of non-gender specific roles. There's a full-length version and one-act versions. Min 12 - Max 27, with doubling possible: 3m, 3w, 28 non-gender specific roles. You can find it at: Alice! In Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass (

    I wish you great success and wonderful joy in each discovery!

    Brenda Fager
    After School Players
    Tunkhannock, PA

    Brenda Fager