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First week of school/unit ideas

  • 1.  First week of school/unit ideas

    Posted 06-27-2019 13:05

    I teach an elementary, middle and high school drama class. Im a little tired of the way I tend to start a semester (ie- getting to know you games, learning modality inventory etc). How do you all start your new semesters? What kind of activities do you like to do? 

    Im also trying to shake up my curriculum as a whole this year. What are some of your all time favorite units you implement in your classrooms? 

    Thanks so much in advance! 
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    Kathryn Telford

    Drama Teacher

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    Posted 06-28-2019 09:25
    At my current school, we prepare and present A LOT of skits the first couple of weeks, which are essentially ways for me to teach procedures-- IE: put away your props, prepare the stage, conclude a simple scene, introductions, etc.  It is a lot of fun as each skit is different each day and the groups are random, so everyone gets to know everyone and everyone is in the same boat rowing in the same direction.  Most of these are done using pantomime or silence and I design the skits so they focus on one thing, like scenes of introduction, for example.  Something I discovered awhile back is to take one day and conduct a scavenger hunt where groups have to find a hammer, a prop, a costume, etc  And then they have to put all that stuff away after they present.  First group to a) find all the objects and b) present them in a scene, wins.  But they do not receive a grade until their materials are put away.

    Hope that helps.

    Michael Johnson
    Trinity NC

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    Posted 06-28-2019 13:47

    I can totally identify with feeling the need to shake things up ... I need to do the same.

    But one unit that will never go is the fifth grade unit I teach on Clowning.  It never fails to engage, it challenges the students to use their faces and bodies instead of their voices, and to make big, bold choices ...
    Basically, it has a whole lot of learning, and it is just plain fun.

    I can share lesson plans if you are interested.

    Looking forward to hearing other people's favorites!

    Kristin Hall
    Drama Director
    Lincoln Public Schools
    Lincoln MA