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New to Drama

  • 1.  New to Drama

    Posted 21 days ago

    My school is starting to do plays, it hasn't happened in a while, I have been approached to teach a High school drama class. Super excited, but I would love to have some advice. Our students have some experience with Theater but not much and I want to make this first fun and exciting but also relevant. Any advice, lesson plans, scope & sequence would be greatly appreciated.

    Patricia Stewart


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    Posted 21 days ago

    Check out the Theatre Educator Pro page for lesson plans, scope & sequence, etc. Using this, the community will be a great way for other fellow educators to share their advice. There is also a Teaching Artist directory and can be a great resource for you as well! Is there a Thespian Troupe a the high school? If not, it will be a great way for the students who are passionate for theatre to work towards being a part of an honor society for theatre and when they graduate have the opportunity to be recognized for it through regalia! Also reach out to your Chapter Director of your location, which can be found under Membership to help connect you with other fellow theatre teachers in your area for any guidance and support! Look forward to hearing more about your program as it builds!

    Mark Drum

  • 3.  RE: New to Drama

    Posted 20 days ago
    Congratulations!! Teaching Theatre is so fun and rewarding! Also check out my two favorite sites, dramanotebook.Com and Drama Teacher Academy. You have to purchase both, but believe me, they are worth ever dime! I teach 5-12 Theatre, and I use these sites constantly for curriculums, games, scripts, and much more! Just be sure to keep your class activity/project based, and add some Theatre tech elements for those students that may not embrace acting. My students love designing mini model sets, learning painting techniques, and playing with lighting using gels, skittles and m&m's, and self made gobos! Have fun!!

    Suzanne "Mama" Craig
    MS/HS Theatre/Speech
    Lipscomb Academy
    Nashville, TN