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Any drama or theatre teachers in the house?

  • 1.  Any drama or theatre teachers in the house?

    Posted 4 days ago
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    Hi there!

    I am a High School Spanish teacher normally, but I am also certified in English/Language arts. My Super wants to add drama to our choices of art classes and my principal said I was on her mind first when it was brought up. I am very excited, but also nervous because I don't want to be trash at it.

    I am wondering what resources you guys have that have worked in your classes. How are your classes structured? It looks like my state has standards for theatre, but there aren't very many.

    I have studied a lot theatre through a literary lens throughout college, and I am hugely into musicals and plays in general.

    Nejji Khan

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    Posted 4 days ago

    I am also a Spanish teacher by day... and I teach a general "Theatre Arts" course.  I am in PA, so Theatre is not its own area of certification, but rather falls under the umbrella of Communications. I had to take the Praxis exam years ago (while there was a window of opportunity to add certifications by passing the test) in order to be certified to teach this course.  It had been taught by members of the English dept in the past, as an elective offering.

    The course here is not linked to an onstage production (we do a fall play and spring musical each year) - our school only allows "show business" as an extra-curricular activity.  But the units of study for the class are about 50% performance techniques and 50% technical theatre, drawing from chapters in the Basic Drama Projects textbook by Fran Averett Tanner.

    There are a lot of connections between Theatre and World Language standards - especially if you think of it all broadly as "communications" - conveying a message appropriately in the given circumstances.  I'm happy to chat anytime, if you want to connect directly, please feel free to reach out.

    And while our combination of teaching certifications is rather rare - if you think back to the pilot episodes of GLEE, Will Schuster taught Spanish by day and did show choir (which was pretty theatrical) as a "coach" after school. ;-)

    Melissa Mintzer
    Penn Manor High School