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Chartering High School Troupe/Seniors/Covid-19

  • 1.  Chartering High School Troupe/Seniors/Covid-19

    Posted 03-23-2020 09:26
    Hello all.  I am pretty sure we will be out for the rest of the year.  We were about to open "1984" when our schools shut down. I am the sponsor for our middle school troupe and was starting the high school's immediately following "1984".  Now, I can't do that.  That means my seniors who have worked so hard to earn their points won't get to join.:(  Will there be some sort of grace period or something so these students can still be recognized and join?  I know these are unprecedented times, so just wondering if this is being considered.  Also what about points for all of these shows that were in production.  We were days from opening, and they had all put in the work, they just didn't get their audience.  Anyone else in this position?

    Carmen Caldera-Brzoska
    Elizabethtown KY
    Elizabethtown Performing Arts Center

  • 2.  RE: Chartering High School Troupe/Seniors/Covid-19

    Posted 03-23-2020 15:30
    Hello Carmen,

    Thank you for posting this message to the Community. Thank you even more for seeing the value and importance of having a high school and junior troupe to provide your students with continuity in their honor and recognition.

    We are so sorry to hear that you have been forced to cancel your production of 1984. These are unprecedented times and we feel for all of the students and teachers who will now be missing out on important achievements and milestones as a result. We want to give every opportunity to students during this time of event and performance cancellations. Don't let those losses prevent you from honoring deserving students -- we encourage you to be flexible in awarding Thespian points for cancelled activities. Your students (especially seniors) may appreciate the recognition now more than ever.

    It is up to the discretion of you the teacher to make decisions for the betterment of the students right now, so please do what you feel is necessary to honor them in these times. Our staff is working remotely to continue to process all charters and inductions that come our way. We're working with teachers to ensure that any induction materials are either held or shipped to alternative addresses if your school is closed.

    Feel free to email ( or call us at 513.421.3900 should you have any additional questions.

    Wishing all of you health and safety in the days and weeks ahead!

    Hans Weichhart
    Chief Relationship Officer
    Cincinnati OH

  • 3.  RE: Chartering High School Troupe/Seniors/Covid-19

    Posted 03-24-2020 08:13
    Thank you so much for your response.  I am thrilled to be able to honor these young artists.  Thank you for allowing the concession for points.  They have worked very hard and deserve the recognition.  Stay healthy!

    Carmen Caldera-Brzoska
    Elizabethtown KY

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    Posted 03-24-2020 12:01
    I was glad to see the post that encourages Thespian Troupe Directors to be flexible in awarding points during this time of physical distancing.
    I thought of the following idea: high school or middle school educators could connect with elementary educators in their school or district to offer their high school Theatre students to read with expressive voices and facial expressions Dr. Seuss books or other elementary approved books for distance performances. Students could keep a log of rehearsal and performance preparation times. Those times could be considered for Thespian hours.
    Students could read poetry, books, etc. of approved middle school literature; as long as there is a performance component involved.
    You get the idea. I know that you will have even more ideas.

    Gai Laing Jones
    President of Educational Theatre Association (EdTA), National Board Member of Educational Theatre Foundation (ETF)