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ReInventing Our Theatre Performances and Productions

  • 1.  ReInventing Our Theatre Performances and Productions

    Posted 18 days ago

    With restrictions of the 2020 pandemic and whatever 2021 brings, we need to be inventive, proactively.
    Depending on school district's guidelines, some productions are online. Some are requiring social distancing, masks, and other protocols to protect students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and audience members.
    I know that many middle/high schools depend on income from productions; that community outreach is accomplished; that recruitment for future enrollment happens by productions and festival participation.

    I know that we might be weary of pivoting.
    And I hope that all received some personal care time during the recent Winter Break.

    I am curious about trends in our educational Theatre world that you have boldly created or ideas that you are thinking about.
    Hopefully, you might take a moment to share some thoughts. 

    Gai Laing Jones

  • 2.  RE: ReInventing Our Theatre Performances and Productions

    Posted 18 days ago

    At our school in Brooklyn, NY, our annual musical, which we perform entirely in Hebrew, turned into a "Tony Awards show," complete with a host, Tony awards for a whole bunch of faculty and staff, and musical numbers from 7 different shows to honor all the awardees.
    it was all prerecorded and debuted on YouTube.
    Because the prerecording had to be done one individual at a time (vocals at school and videos at home), we had a "Live From the Red Carpet" party for the cast of 50 students and teachers, where everyone got dressed up and were interviewed on the red carpet and then watched the premiere of the show together, socially distant, in our auditorium. In this way everyone felt like a cohesive cast, not a bunch of individuals who had contributed material separately.

    The show (and the red carpet gala) was wildly successful and so much fun for everyone to watch, especially for alumni who could tune in from all over the world and see some of their teachers on the big screen.

    mind you, we are a private school and this show was heavily funded and expensive. But there are ways to do it for less money and it's a format that could theoretically be repeated with different songs and awardees.

    hope that inspires!!

    Sally Shatzkes
    Drama Therapist/Theater Director