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Group Lines in Virtual Platform

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    Posted 8 days ago
    Hello All!

    I am tasked with a show that has quite a few group/chorus lines. From my previous virtual show experience, group lines don't seem to come across very well in a virtual format. Has anyone been able to pull off good sounding virtual group lines? Has Zoom gotten better with this capability or can only one person be speaking at a time? For the piece we're doing, I cannot edit and the recording we do must be shot in a single take. (But another show I'm doing does have the capability for editing, if you have a solution that involves editing.)

    If necessary I can split up the lines, but some of them are just so powerful as a chorus. Thank you for your thoughts!

    Leslie Kane
    Lemont High School

  • 2.  RE: Group Lines in Virtual Platform

    Posted 7 days ago

    I've done some choral speaking. We've been harvesting zoom performances through isadora and editing live. 

    I've found that unison works if all of the actors can pick up the cue and agree on a tempo. When they try to follow one another (like they might in person) it creates problems. We did some rehearsal work around setting the tempo of the line. Having actors repeat in sequence until the line sounded the same with each delivery. Then we explored different methods of cuing. 

    I'd be happy to pop on a zoom with your team and see what we can do. 

    WT McRae
    Director of Theater
    Berkeley Carroll School