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1.  Welcome to the Community

Posted 02-04-2014 16:17

Welcome to the Theatre Education Community!

As your executive director, I have spent the past few years listening to the members of EdTA, our Thespians, and other stakeholders to learn how to best serve the field of theatre education. As part of this process, I spent a day "walking in the shoes" of a classroom theatre teacher observing what a "typical" day is like. It occurred to me that he had no real peers in the school, that he felt a little bit like he's on an island. This teacher's experience illustrated the need for the new Theatre Education Community.

The Community is a new online resource that allows you to network with others passionate about theatre and education; share best practices and individual challenges; and access and contribute to a variety of shared resource libraries.

In building this Community, we have tested the system with a diverse group of our membership. We enlisted the help of State Chapter Directors, the International Thespian Officers (acting as our voice of the Thespians), the EdTA Board of Directors, and built a "Beta Group" until it encompassed nearly 1,000 people representing a broad cross-section of EdTA. They have provided feedback and helped us shape the Community into a resource that will not only serve our members, but the field of theatre education as a whole.

Since 1929, the Educational Theatre Association has been delivering content that helps advance the mission of shaping lives through theatre education. This new tool enables the collective experience of our own members to bring our shared knowledge to new heights.

I encourage you to ask, share, challenge, and help each other to grow.  As is our motto: "Act well your part, there all the honor lies."  
Julie Woffington
Executive Director
Educational Theatre Association


2.  RE:Welcome to the Community

Posted 02-04-2014 16:24

Thanks, Julie! Welcome again everyone to the Theatre Education Community.  There are some simple steps to quickly take advantage of the new system:

1.  Update your profile. Add a headshot and some information about yourself. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can save time by transferring your information.

2. Adjust your privacy and notification settings. This will help you determine what profile information others can see and how you are notified about activity within the community. You have been subscribed to the Daily Digest version of the Open Forum community, meaning you'll get one email each day containing all of the previous day's posts. You can change that to real time (you'll get an email every time something new is posted), no emails (you can view the discussions online but won't receive email), or unsubscribe.

3.  Use the member directory to search for at least three of your peers and send them a "Contact Request".  If you're unsure about how to do this, search for me ("Ginny Butsch") and send me a contact request by clicking on the link next to my name in the search results.

4.  Finally, explore the content our Beta Testers have created over the last 6 months in the "Discussions" section. They've started some valuable dialogues, feel free to weigh in and add your advice and experience. If you have a new question related to our field, post the question here and watch the responses come flooding in.

5. Currently, you are a member of one community, the Open Forum. We do have several other communities available to you to join for more focused discussions. Existing groups include Advocacy, Student to Student, Thespian Festival and Prop, Costume, and Set Sharing. You can browse them here. If you have ideas for a new community, please let me know. We'll open new groups gradually as we see fit.

We've also created a Community Help Library with how-to videos and other useful information. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on the EdTA staff if you have questions or need help.
Ginny Butsch
Community Manager
Educational Theatre Association