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  • 1.  Monologues around disabillities

    Posted 10-07-2021 12:56
    I have a student who has been recently dealing with some physical disabilities.  They are interested in finding a monologue that either addresses a character dealing with a disability or written by a playwright with a disability.  Any recommendations?

    Kristina Cummins
    Theatre Teacher,
    Capital High School
    Co-Chapter Director
    Washington State Thespians

  • 2.  RE: Monologues around disabillities

    Posted 10-08-2021 07:21
    Hi!  The Kennedy Center has an educational program around disabilities. I know they run a yearly playwriting contest for scripts that center around disability.  Maybe you can contact them and get a good lead.

    Kristen Hoch
    Thunderhawk Theater Director
    Lakota East High School
    Liberty Twp, OH

  • 3.  RE: Monologues around disabillities

    Posted 10-13-2021 08:06
    The Kilroys is a really good resource for this. They are explicit about diversity on many levels. I have my students comb through their play lists, but they also have monologue books you can order. I usually go through and slap a sticky note on any pieces that are viable for a teen actor.

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    The Kilroys 2020
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    Elizabeth Fagan