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Contests for Film Script

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    Posted 9 days ago
    This year, due to COVID, we cannot put on a live performance. So, my group of 14 students wrote their own film script, largely able to be filmed in monologues, or with one actor at a time. The script is about and hour and fifteen minutes long, has parts for fifteen characters, and has moments of humor and sadness. We focus on the story of a modern high school student researching her family tree, and we include flashbacks in the forms of letters, phone calls, emails, and zoom calls. 

    Does anyone know of any contests where the kids might enter the script, or where they might submit it for publication? We are just beginning to film our own production of it this week, and it will take us much of the winter to finish our product, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to explore ways to share the scripts with similarly challenged schools. 

    Any ideas are welcome!

    Thank you!

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    Posted 6 days ago
    This is an older article, but there might be some good leads here:

    Let us know if you find anything!

    Ginny Butsch
    Community Engagement Manager
    Educational Theatre Association
    Cincinnati OH