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royalty-free, participatory play on what we ask of leaders available for school/community production between now and 2020 election

  • 1.  royalty-free, participatory play on what we ask of leaders available for school/community production between now and 2020 election

    Posted 08-13-2019 19:02

    Michael Rohd, an artist/educator whose social and participatory work I've admired, posted this on Facebook today:

    "Theatre educators at universities, community colleges, high schools- Thinking about the 2020 election and the current state of being in the US, Sojourn Theatre has chosen to update and make available its script/score for 'The Race', a full-length performance/participatory show that Sojourn opened just before the 2008 Presidential election in Washington DC at Georgetown University and remounted in 2016 at Arizona State University. 

    "We want to make it available, royalty free to any school/community site that wants to program/produce it with students and/or community members between now and Election Day 2020. Along with the invitation comes the offer of 2 skype sessions with Sojourn and your production team- one up front to talk about the concept and some details of how it functions as well as the community engagement opportunities inherent in the project, and one skype session to help with any questions mid process. Part of the show is the asking of many questions that, when asked at each performance, are unknown to the respondents- cast and audience alike. If enough sites opt in, we will arrange and curate a website dedicated to gathering and sharing questions that all the productions can use as shared question text. 

    "Producing schools can change/cut/shift the script/score, and it offers plenty of space (and in some spots, needs) original contributions of both text and movement. The linked Washington Post article from 2008 does a pretty good job of describing what happens in the event, and its spirit. Perhaps Georgetown's Derek Goldman, the project's original producer, will chime in, or anyone who saw/participated in any version. The updated script/score offers new moments and analysis related to today's climate, but the piece itself remains structurally the same. 

    "This open source offering is one of many ways we are trying to make certain we as artists, individually and collectively, are contributing to the crisis of these days. The aim of this particular offering- using theatre as a civic space for community dialogue. Reach out for info if interested (here Sojourn Theatre or via, and please help by sharing this invitation around."

    I haven't seen or read this particular production, but wanted to let people know about the opportunity. If you know someone who might find this of interest, please feel free to forward. You may be interested in Michael's book Theatre for Community Conflict and Dialogue. Michael and Sojourn Theatre's work has been influenced by Boal and Cornerstone Theater, among others.

    best of wishes,

    Amy Jensen