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Remote AND/OR hybrid musical theater

  • 1.  Remote AND/OR hybrid musical theater

    Posted 06-25-2020 19:45
    Hi, my name is Leah! I am a Drama and Theater major at Queens College in NYC. I am so excited to be a part of this community!

    I am the president of Musical Theater Group, a co-curricular club on campus dedicated to providing QC students with opportunities for engagement with musical theater. Due to the COVID pandemic, our college's facilities were locked down and what remained of our Spring semester and all Summer sessions were conducted remotely. The Department of Theater and Dance's season was cut short and productions ended in the middle of their previously scheduled runs. Now that the Spring semester is officially over and the regulations put into place in the wake of the pandemic are being lifted, my peers and I are anxiously waiting to hear if the upcoming Fall semester will be conducted remotely or be a hybrid of in-person and remote learning and what those two less-than-ideal scenarios mean for our club.

    Being that our school is in New York City, a city known for its theatrical productions, the membership of Musical Theater Group is acutely aware of how the pandemic has influenced what it means to perform a piece of theater. But the show must go on, and we want to plan our productions and programming for this upcoming semester. We want to do our utmost to continue staging musical theater productions, even if we may be unable to stage them on literal stages or in front of a live audience.

    Do any of you have advice for ways we can continue to accomplish our goals? Specifically regarding live-streaming, licensing, and which musicals are best suited for socially-distant performance?


    Leah Weintraub
    Flushing, NY

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    Posted 07-05-2020 16:21
    I've been checking into that as well. As a representative for a Jimmy Awards regional program, I want to know what high schools can do to produce musicals in the coming year. One thing I have noted is that rights-granting companies (MTI, Concord, et al.) are beginning to offer rights for virtual productions. That's an interesting step, one that indicates that they feel this will be an issue for quite awhile. Check their websites for more details.

    Terry S. Davis
    New Mexico High School Musical Theatre Awards

    Terry Davis
    Albuquerque NM

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    Posted 07-06-2020 17:53
    Hi Leah,

    A friend of mine is involved with Fuse Productions in State College, PA. They recently worked with MTI and a few others to try to produce an example of what could be done with musicals at this time. Here is their website:  I think there is a fee.


    Erin Coulter
    Theater Director
    The Hill School
    The Plains VA

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    Posted 07-07-2020 10:04

    Hi Leah,

    We create and develop new musicals.  We just created THE MYSTERY OF CUSTODIA for middle and high schools.  If you think there is a need for a virtual new musical for colleges/universities, let me know.  Maybe we can collaborate on one.


    Larry Little


    Larry Little
    Chicago IL