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New Discovery in Projection Surfaces!

  • 1.  New Discovery in Projection Surfaces!

    Posted 09-14-2021 07:53
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    If I knew how to patent it, and make it in wider sheets, I'd be a millionaire!  So for about a month, I've been searching for a black material to build my own 7ft round rear projection and puppet screen.  Using a variety of costly theatre materials suggested from companies, I only found frustration, hot spots, blurry images, and money thrown into the abyss. assistant director (who is an elementary teacher) walks in and goes "what about this?!" The new bulletin board paper, called Better than Paper fit our bill beautifully!! No hotspots! Crisp rear projection black and white images!!! And beautiful shadows for puppets!! And black....grant it, it is not a matte black, but shiny, but I can deal with it, and it is only $16 a 4X12ft roll (Amazon and Hobby Lobby)!  My only issue now is trying to weld it successfully together to fill my 7ft space. But it was too good not to share! I think that would make for excellent columns to project on! Might need to try out the other colors, but I am definitely sold on the black I was hoping for!!
      Black Better Than Paper ® Roll
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    Black Better Than Paper ® Roll
    This revolutionary nonwoven fabric makes creating beautiful bulletin board backdrops quick and easy! The dark black color will make any colorful border trim or accent pop...and the lightweight material is simple to hang-no more struggling with paper that wrinkles and tears.
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    Analiese Hamm
    ECHS Drama Director
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