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Some Questions and Thoughts During This Time of Self-Distancing

  • 1.  Some Questions and Thoughts During This Time of Self-Distancing

    Posted 03-22-2020 15:14
    Members. I know that you are self distancing; You are creating online curriculum. You are missing your students and fellow teachers; many productions have been cancelled; some Thespian conferences have been cancelled. Your seniors are missing their ability to audition for scholarships.
    I invited some Emeritus EdTA members to post some words of kindness, ideas for members to self-care, quotes for reflection, some words of wisdom to give them words of support. Any encouraging words are welcome.

    Questions and Thoughts from Gai Laing Jones

    How are you holding up? This is the question I pose to my friends, family and neighbors as we all face our personal and professional hurdles and crises in these unprecedented times.

    How are your students holding up? What is happening to Spring programming?

    How can I help on this Community? How can we innovate under these circumstances?

    We know that the role of the Theatre educator uplifts our collective consciousness when people (teachers/students) are anxious, confused and sad.

    Gai Laing Jones