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Advice for ShowTix4U

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    Posted 21 days ago
    I am looking at an MTI Disney Jr. title for our spring 3rd-6th grade show. Since we would like to stream prerecorded content MTI requires me to use ShowTix4U as th4e streaming platform.
    That is a totally new concept for my theatre department and school. Our school's communication director and I spoke to a very nice representative and I believe I understand their agreement. The cost to the school is 15% of ticket sales, however, as of today, we are not selling tickets to our streamed show.  There is a $1 fee for every download and after doing the math, that could cost at least $800 to the school.
    I have a meeting set up with my President my school on Monday to decide the fate of this MTI Siney Jr. Show.
    Should I request for us to sell tickets to the stream so that ShowTix4U will not cost so much after stream billing to my budget?
    I would need to request a new MTI licence with ticket sale price I know that, but I am not sure if we should sell tickets or not if we have to use ShowTIx4U--> TIA

    Rebecca Magnus
    Fort Worth TX

  • 2.  RE: Advice for ShowTix4U

    Posted 17 days ago
    You can set up the show for donation and ask your patrons to cover the $1 fee.  So, under extra charges, you charge a $1 streaming fee so that you break even and then people can make donations to the club.  If I recall Showtix4u just takes 3.5% of every donation.  Even if you sell tix to your streamed event, the cost is not that high.  It's .85 plus 3.5% of ticket price +$1 streaming fee.  We just did our first event selling a video download event and was very easy to use.

    Suzanne Safran
    Doylestown PA