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What workshop topics would you most like to see?

  • 1.  What workshop topics would you most like to see?

    Posted 01-02-2019 13:16
    The deadline to submit teaching proposals for the 2019 International Thespian Festival (ITF) is nearly upon us. It is Tuesday, Jan.15  for ITF and March 1 for the EdTA National Conference. Submit soon if you would like to be considered for a teaching artist position! Potential teaching artists have been asking me which workshop topics our students and teachers most like to attend at our national event workshops. Below are the top 2018 ITF workshop categories by attendance, but numbers don't tell the whole story!

    What topics would YOU like to see offered at national or Chapter Thespian events?

    Top attended student workshops at ITF 2018
    • Dance and choreography
    • Improv
    • Character development
    • Accents
    • Special effects
    • Voice acting
    • Stage management
    • Vocal technique
    • Audition technique

    Betsy Singer-Lefton
    Chapter Relations Manager
    Educational Theatre Association
    Cincinnati OH

  • 2.  RE: What workshop topics would you most like to see?

    Posted 01-14-2019 12:34
    A workshop for parents and teachers on how to create a booster club would be great. Sarah Jane Arnegger's marketing workshop has totally changed our social media game for our program. A few years ago I went to one on the differences between BA, BFA, conservatory, and other types of post-secondary programs--that was very helpful! It would be cool to see workshops about career paths related to theater that aren't the standard performing/tech/directing/playwriting, etc. Maybe something on side hustles for someone with a theater background. :D

    Jennifer Farrell
    Chapter Director, MN Thespians
    English and Theater Teacher
    Chaska High School
    Chaska, MN

  • 3.  RE: What workshop topics would you most like to see?

    Posted 01-14-2019 13:26
    If the above list is in order of attendance previously, then this one would probably be 'way at the bottom.  :-)

    I would love to see a workshop on "understanding set design." Not on how to design sets (that can't be taught in one session, or even one year), but on how to understand what designers do to create a space that supports the themes in the story as well as the characters... and also to understand that a bunch of flats lined up, or a backdrop, do not constitute a set.

    How would this help students and directors? For one, it would help them understand that sets can actually help a character motivate a move or an action, or support that move or action. You see this on TV and the movies all the time. And, going along with Jennifer, it might help students see something else they may be interested in doing.

    George F. Ledo
    Set designer