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The Bad Seed Sound Cues

  • 1.  The Bad Seed Sound Cues

    Posted 11-16-2019 12:22
    Hello all - I have a bit of an emergency and could use your help. All of the sound cues that I created for my upcoming production of Bad Seed have vanished from the program I was designing them on. Is there anyone who might be able to “lend” (give) us their cues electronically from when they did it? We open Thursday and have dress rehearsals Monday-Wednesday. I simply don’t have the time to reconstruct them. Thank you all if you can help!!

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    Posted 11-18-2019 15:48
    I'm not familiar with this show, but does the publisher's website have a list of upcoming productions on the show page? Sometimes there is a tab that says "upcoming" or "in production" and it lists the organization and location, often with a link to their website. You can reach out to anyone listed as producing a show to see if they can help!

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