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Graduation Regalia

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    Posted 29 days ago
    Dear Colleagues,

    My name is Ana Soler, Director of Troupe 4363 from Saint John's School PR.

    We have 11 seniors graduating this year, and I was unsure about what kind of apparel they should wear on graduation. Half of them have not been active in the troupe for a while, but have participated in the school musical. The other half have high rank thespian status. I don't know how to address this issue, since everybody wants to wear something from ITS. 


    I would appreciate any feedback on this issue.


    Ana Soler
    Performing Arts Teacher
    Saint John's School

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    Posted 28 days ago
    After induction into ITS, we have a policy that to remain in good standing members must earn a certain number of points each year. If they are inactive, they can be placed on probation or removed from the honor society. I know other troops allow honor cords after induction no matter what the level of involvement. So you could determine the "lowest level" might be cords or a pin, highest may be the stole or medallion. In the future you may want to consider a policy of yearly involvement for your members. To be inducted as a sophomore and then you never see them again until graduation is not an "honor". 

    Ginnie Bullis

    C. Milton Wright High School

    Teacher: English 11, Drama

    Speech & Debate Coach

    STARS/SADD Sponsor


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    Posted 27 days ago
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    Good Morning,
      The bottom line - it is 100% at your discretion (pending the usual admin approval etc.). There are no formal guidelines for graduation honors and every troupe seems to do something a little different. I would suggest creating your own guide for your troupe that can be shared with students. If you are interested, I have attached what we do for Thespian, Honor Thespian, National, International etc.

      An inducted student is a thespian for life.  However, like Ginnie, we also have minimum requirements to remain an "active" member of the troupe. Students who do not meet those minimum requirements are no longer "members-in-good-standing" of our troupe and do not receive graduation honors.

    Best wishes,

    Guy Barbato
    Theatre Teacher/Director
    Leonardtown High School


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    Posted 24 days ago

    I agree with much of what others have said. A few years ago our school disallowed the wearing of cords except for Honors societies and two other specific groups on campus because things were getting out of control with various regalia. Most years I have 10-14 seniors who have been inducted into our society, but not all of them receive graduation honors.

    Students who reach Honor status get the cords (usually 7-10 each year); National Honor level Thespians (usually 2-5/year) will receive a Thespian medallion and International Honor Thespians (usually 1-2/year) receive a Thespian stole. These are particularly rewarding for our kids because we are one of only 3 groups on campus permitted to wear the stoles (CSF and NHS) are the others. I don't know that I would say that due to admin appreciation or support of our program as much as it was me being persistent and annoying about it.

    Seth Cohen
    Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
    Rolling Hills Estates CA