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1.  Tracking Points Online

Posted 05-06-2014 16:52
I'm am a new Junior Troupe leader and was wondering if there is a way of Tracking Points on the ETA website?

William Brame
Kansas City KS

2.  RE:Tracking Points Online

Posted 05-06-2014 19:06
Not that I'm aware of but I use google docs to track points and share them with students/ parents. ------------------------------------------- Victoria Kesling Councill Theatre Teacher New Kent County Public Schools New Kent VA -------------------------------------------

3.  RE:Tracking Points Online

Posted 05-07-2014 08:03
Could you share what your form looks like? My district is moving to google docs next year. ------------------------------------------- Jason Coats Kansas City MO -------------------------------------------

4.  RE:Tracking Points Online

Posted 05-07-2014 08:19
At the moment, we have not developed an integrated way for teachers and students to track points via our website. Over the years a number of teachers have said they use excel or google docs to do this. If you use the point sheets from the troupe documents library it's easy to create a spreadsheet. 

If anyone has a spreadsheet they'd like to share, I encourage you to add it to the forum library.

David LaFleche
Director Of Membership
Educational Theatre Association
Cincinnati OH

5.  RE:Tracking Points Online

Posted 05-07-2014 10:55
This is in the same vein I think, but I am new to this as well.  I can't figure out how to update individual students so the record shows they are Honorary, National, or International Thespians.  Help!!

Kelly Walton
Valparaiso IN

6.  RE:Tracking Points Online

Posted 05-07-2014 11:30
Hi, Kelly

From your troupe homepage, click on the link "Student member and contacts list." When the list appears, just click on a student's record to open the profile. You can edit most of the information on the student's profile while they remain on your active roster. This includes honor ranks and scholar distinctions. When they graduate and become Thespian Alums, these honors become permanent.

I hope this helps!

Brian Benz
Membership Manager
Educational Theatre Association
Covington KY

7.  RE:Tracking Points Online

Posted 05-07-2014 19:35
I think I shared the document. Please let me know if you can access it. I have an IPad and I use it as sign in/ sign out for rehearsals and activities. My Governing Board has a Treasurer and they are in charge of maintaining the points record and entering hours. You have to have a super responsible and honest kid do this if you are going to go this route. This is something I would do myself IF I did not have so many students to keep track of by myself. You can use something like this: But my treasurer is a tech savvy kid who was able to program excel to do all of this for me. It is great because the file is shared between me and the student so anytime he makes updates it e-mails me and I can check and verify. I also make adjustments based on effort/ behavior. If a student signed in and out but did not actually do anything constructive I do not award them the full amount of hours. We can then share it without editing access to everyone else. That way if they have questions or are confused about something they can e-mail me and ask about it. It keeps them super accountable and in the know. I really like it. If the IPad route is not possible you can use paper sign in sheets and then enter the quantities by hand into Excel. ------------------------------------------- Victoria Kesling Councill Theatre Teacher New Kent County Public Schools New Kent VA -------------------------------------------

8.  RE:Tracking Points Online

Posted 05-08-2014 09:51
I'm very interested in your toggl doc to create an online point tracker. We've been working toward this with total points, but I'm still interested in a spreadsheet with more space for information on categories and work descriptions.
When I click on the link, I get to the site. I've signed up for an account, but can't get to your doc.

Can you share the specific template?

Barb Lachman
Drama Director
Shoreline WA