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Easy end of school sub plans?

  • 1.  Easy end of school sub plans?

    Posted 05-31-2021 00:02
    I need something for my Theatre I/II students (high school level) for the last 2 block classes. They've already done their final projects (Sock Puppet Shakespeare), and they have watched and compared The Taming of the Shrew and 10 Things I Hate About You. I will be missing the last 2 block classes, and subs are not able to project anything on the digital white boards. So I'm thinking readers theatre? I am having surgery on Tuesday and am running on fumes as I try to finish up grading. Thanks!

    Shanda Bonn
    Theatre Teacher
    Simi Valley High School

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    Posted 06-01-2021 07:07
    Read aloud Shakespeare's sonnets---goes along w/ your Readers Theater idea. My classes are writing their own sonnet in the style of Shakespeare. I'm being very generous w/ iambic pentameter! Groups could work together to compose a program of sonnets, analyze, read and possibly write their own. Some will find it fun; some will just go along but will have the experience of hearing the beauty of his sonnets.

    Ginnie Bullis

    C. Milton Wright High School

    Teacher: English 11, Drama

    Speech & Debate Coach

    STARS/SADD Sponsor


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    Posted 06-01-2021 07:46
    I highly recommend the emergency lesson plans from Theatre Folk -

    They are very well thought through and give lots of alternatives depending on the type of sub you have.  I bought them a few years ago and found them affordable and engaging for students.  Good luck with your surgery - I hope it goes well and that this helps.

    Emergency Lesson Plans For Theatre Teachers, 2nd edition gives you the tools and resources you need to confidently leave your class in the hands of a substitute teacher. Customize your lesson plans to suit the specific needs of your class when you can't be there.

    Marla Blasko
    Director Theatre Arts
    Long Reach High School

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    Posted 06-01-2021 11:26
    Hi Shonda,

    My timely theater piece BLESSINGS FROM THE PANDEMIC could work well as reader's theater for your students.  Published and licensed by TRW (Theatrical Rights Worldwide), BLESSINGS FROM THE PANDEMIC is a mosaic of short poetic reflections about life and feelings during this time.  The reflections vary widely in style and topic, ranging from the light-hearted and mundane to the reflective and spiritual.  

    BLESSINGS has had over a dozen presentations so far (mostly on-line), including three at high schools.

    "BLESSINGS FROM THE PANDEMIC relates directly to what my students have felt over the past year, and it gives voice to the positives that can be derived from this moment in history."
    Eric R. Christiansen, Director
    Greendale High School Theatre
    Greendale, WI

    The full piece consists of 60 poems, but groups can choose which poems work best for their actors and audience.  Performances so far have included between 25 and 40 poems, and they've ranged from a half-hour to an hour in length.  Cast size has varied between 4 and 24.  As you see, flexibility is built into the piece!

    I'll be glad to send you (and any teacher) a pdf perusal script if you'd like to read it. 

    Rich Orloff

    "BLESSINGS FROM THE PANDEMIC is a candle in the darkness, shining its light on the blessings we enjoy in the little things of everyday life."  Hal Schneider
    Artistic Director
    Central Massachusetts Jewish Theatre Company

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    Posted 06-01-2021 13:33
    Reader's theatre is great. I did it. First day they wrote their script and rehearsed. Second day they recorded the meeting. They really liked it. It took several attempts at recording. When they saw the first one, they knew they could do better. It was very successful. They chose a fairy tale story and put it into a reader's theatre format. Each person had to do at least two characters. That way they had to do at least two different voices. Really stress the voice part of it. The more you do. They more they will. Use a loom and explain everything to them and give them examples of you doing different voices that will help.

    Best of luck and hope all goes well with your surgery.