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Clue props and costumes

  • 1.  Clue props and costumes

    Posted 01-29-2019 08:32
    Anyone who's done CLUE (play not musical) recently interested in selling or renting props and/or costumes to a high school in Goose Creek?   Show is March 15-16.  Thanks in advance!

    Lauren Canfield
    Goose Creek SC

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    Posted 02-04-2019 16:02
    Hi Lauren!
    We just closed on Clue: On Stage! We had all our props printed on the 3D printer by our science department. We then spray painted them white (some with greater success than others!). We've got 2 revolvers, the candlestick, the lead pipe, the wrench, the dagger and a butcher knife for the cook. The only one we don't have anymore is the rope (a student's dad wanted it back). We've also got Mrs. Peacock's cut out bible.
    We'd be happy to rent them to you!
    Contact me at for further discussion!!

    Elizabeth Kott
    Port Washington NY

  • 3.  RE: Clue props and costumes

    Posted 02-05-2019 17:12
    I was curious who has the rights for "Clue" ?

    Ron Obringer
    North Tonawanda NY

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    Posted 02-06-2019 07:37
    The rights are held by Playscripts.

    Elizabeth Kott
    Port Washington NY

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    Posted 02-06-2019 09:22
    WE did CLUE THE MUSICAL about 4 years ago. We LOVED it!! It's different from the movie, much more like the game, with audience interaction. It has 6 different endings based on what cards are drawn. AND the music was challenging, but very entertaining! It was one of my very favorite shows!

    Suzanne "Mama" Craig
    MS/HS Theatre/Speech
    Lipscomb Academy
    Nashville, TN

  • 6.  RE: Clue props and costumes

    Posted 02-06-2019 11:43
    Samuel French has the rights to CLUE: THE MUSICAL by Tom Chiodo, Peter DePietro, Wayne Barker, Galen Blum, and Vinnie Martucci.

    Playscripts has an apparently non-musical version: Clue: On Stage, based on the Paramount Pictures motion picture, based on the Hasbro board game Clue
    adapted for the stage by Jonathan Lynn, Hunter Foster, Eric Price, Sandy Rustin

    C. J. Breland
    Asheville High School
    Asheville NC

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    Posted 07-24-2019 09:19
    Hey!  I was wondering if you had the plans for 3d printing the weapons?  My Robotics team has agreed to print ours for us, and I'd love to share that with them if you are willing.  Thanks!

    Jessica Shaw
    Speech and Drama Teacher
    Alexandria VA