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Online Ticketing Service?

  • 1.  Online Ticketing Service?

    Posted 18 days ago
    I am moving ahead, in hopes that we will be able to perform our usual musical in October, so I wanted to reach out and get input on your experience with online ticketing.  We used Booktix this past year, and I LOVED it, their customer service was excellent, and their system of no "cost to us" is definitely what we had to have to get started with such a platform.  I felt very official.  My only hold up was the night of the shows, we were unable to accurately scan/print the tickets because we have a horrible internet curse in our small town around 7:00pm each night. (not to mention it also interferes with our lighting/music at least one of the shows! It is our phantom!) I had to work with the company to figure out loop holes to make the platform still be worth our while, which they were great about.

    I was just wondering if there was another service out there (must be free or very little cost to the sales were not high enough for us to invest a lot in this, but the ability to track sales and sales records was very helpful, not to mention, professional tickets were fun)  that has an app available for ticket scanning? Just thinking cell service might be more reliable that our school internet. Any thoughts appreciated!

    Analiese Hamm
    ECHS Drama Director
    Statenville GA

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    Posted 17 days ago

      We have used for about 7 years, now.  There are other platforms with a sleeker interface, but these guys have always been there for me.  They also donate a small portion of their profit to EdTA and I believe were the first online ticketing organization to partner with EdTA.  You can adjust the per-ticket fee for online sales to cover the costs.  $0.75 per ticket just about covers it for us so we don't see any significant loss compared to cash sales.
      Patrons print the tickets at home with a QR code on them. Any student/volunteer with a QR code reader app on their phone can scan the tickets at the door.


    Guy Barbato
    Theatre Teacher/Director
    Leonardtown MD

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    Posted 17 days ago

    I have used for three shows, and I like it.  Simple to use, the parents can work the "ticket/check-in" table with no problems, and they helped me when COVID-19 postponed our show. Some tickets were refunded, some people donated what they spent. I didn't have to do much, just draft the content for the email they sent to all ticket purchasers.

    Take care!

    Pam Lisotta
    Admissions Coordinator
    Archdiocese of New Orleans
    Slidell LA

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    Posted 17 days ago
    I have used Showtix4u for almost 15 years.  Not only does it not cost me any money, but I actually make extra money by opting in to their ads sharing program.  Their customer service is fantastic and they give back to arts organizations across the country. They partner with MTI so not only do you get a discount selling tickets for an MTI show, but it looks like some shows will be available for streaming through them as well.  All fees can be passed to your patron, full box office,  ticket check in, and streaming solution.  They've recently added flex passes, and they can accept donations on your behalf,  the ticket reporting saved me a few years ago when my school banker stole money from all school programs.  I was one of the only programs to get full restitution because of the reports I was able to provide from Showtix4u. I will forever be a fan!

    Jennifer Hemme
    Henderson NV

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    Posted 16 days ago
    Good morning,

    Big Vendini fan here. Been using them for 7 years.

    Crit Fisher
    Lighting/Sound Designer
    New Albany High School

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    Posted 16 days ago
    You should look at AnywhereSeat by Ludus.  They are cost free set up, no annual fees, and NO cost to your program.  It is a wonderful company who has done everything they can to support their customers during this time.  While it can never be guaranteed that you won't have "night of" issues--- Ludus will ALWAYS answer!  I have had Zack on the phone more than once as a show was opening to fix a problem.  They are all about customer service.

    Ashley Bowen
    Teacher/Director of Theatre Activities
    Portage MI