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Community Sponsor/Donation Letters?

  • 1.  Community Sponsor/Donation Letters?

    Posted 02-04-2021 12:38
    Does anyone have a sample letter soliciting donations from local businesses they would be willing to share with me?  I don't want to plagiarize, but I also don't want to reinvent the wheel.  The previous director always sent out letters asking for monetary donations to supplement our department income, but I don't have access to those anymore.  Any suggestions or ideas?  TIA!

    Wendy Arch
    Language Arts/Drama Teacher
    Indianola High School

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    Posted 02-04-2021 13:10

    I have always found connecting with an individual or organization personally, not just a blanket form letter, to be more effective. It builds a relationship and interest in your program and students. Perhaps you could get a few moments put on the agenda to speak at a Chamber of Commerce Meeting, and / or civic clubs (Lions Club, Rotary, Community Foundation, etc.)That tends to go much further. Maybe you and some of your students could put together a promotional video (2 minuets or so in length) that can circulate on social media and can be attached to emails. That is my $0.02.


    David Simpson
    Performing Arts Center Manager

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    Posted 02-05-2021 08:13
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    We do ad/booster sales for the program.  Here is a copy of one.  The cost changes if it is a play, one act festival, musical etc.  We have to go through an approval process with our school board for any fundraising but they've always ok'd these, however, at my old district we could not.  So its a 50/50 shot!

    We are a self-funded program, and as each production starts, I go over the budget and our financial status with the cast/crew/production team.  The ad/booster sales are then our main fundraiser for that show.  We also allow the students to use ad/booster sales to help pay for conference fees as we live in a low economic area.

    Hope this helps some!

    Kimberly Wibbenmeyer
    Sullivan High School


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    Posted 02-05-2021 11:28
    Our letter campaign is often successful and helps our Drama Boosters gain funds to assist us with our various needs that are beyond our school budget. We have a link on our webpage that donors can contribute online or they often mail checks to us. Our letter is written from a student perspective and students sign the letters. There is space at the bottom where students can also add a brief message to personalize it. In the letter we mention what those donations might go toward... $10 helps provide a few rolls of masking tape, $25 a gallon of paint, etc... increased amounts are things like providing a choreographer, a costume, microphones, etc... Sometimes people like to have an idea of what that money might actually be used for. We had a (and still have) a kind donor who would ask what we needed and he helped provide that specific item. He researched and purchased a fog machine, rechargeable batteries and battery charging stations, and other needed items. I keep a spreadsheet of who we send letters to and the responses. We often use that database each year and it helps build our support base. Each year I look through to see who we can leave on our list.
    Hope that helps!

    Kate Lindsay, Troupe #1476
    Salina High School South
    Salina, KS

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    Posted 02-08-2021 20:12
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    Our department sends out a yearly solicitation letter each November. It's updated to share large purchasing goals  and includes our season brochure. It also features a statement by an alumni parent which shares how involvement in our program set up  their kid for success. We usually bring in about $5,000.00-$10,000.00 depending on the year.

    We do a great deal of fundraising each year, but this is the only reach out we do to all alumni (59 years worth), alumni parents, and current parents.

    Attaching it here. Feel free to use any of the language and make it work for your program. Reach out if you need a few other versions.

    Krista Carson Elhai
    Educational Theatre Foundation National Board of Trustees
    CA Educational Theatre Association, Past President
    CA Thespians Director of Membership & New Teacher Outreach
    Theatre Chair Claremont HS
    An International Baccalaureate World School
    Claremont CA


    CHS Booster letter_2018.pdf   241 KB 1 version

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    Posted 18 days ago
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    I think its great solution for your business and U recommends use custom lead research. Businesses that don't close deals ultimately suffer because they do not close a sale. However, some companies use complicated closing tactics that do little to no good for the overall sales efforts. These sales tactics include sales pitches, fancy letters, and confusing statements. Instead of wasting time on these techniques, it is best to focus on the main points of the company and develop clear, concise communication with the clients.

    Oliver Mails