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Sub plans for technical theatre

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    Posted 21 days ago
    I'm wondering if you have any ideas for great sub plans for technical theatre. My theatre production class is very hands on, tool oriented, and therefore not a class I'm comfortable with having a sub oversee or teach. In the past I've basically given the sub a study period, but I'd like them to have a better use of time. Do you have sub plans for your technical theatre class that you like to use? Thanks!

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    Posted 20 days ago
    Something that I have had success with is to have students create a board game using terms or concepts in the course as questions in the game.  Students design the game, create the game pieces, layout, playing strategy (roll dice or spinner, etc) with the expectation that players can only advance on the board if they answer a question correctly. Students decide on the questions, create the game cards, etc.  Many of these have been wonderful over the years.  I display the creations for a few weeks and we usually "play" a couple of the games when I return as well.  I would estimate the total project to be two to three days.  Students will need access to a variety of "art" supplies-- paper, markers, scissors, poster board, etc.  But this has been a good substitute plan over the years, especially if I am out for a couple of days due to festival, etc.

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    Posted 18 days ago
    Don't miss the Click to Teach online lesson plans at the EDTA learning center Theatre Educator Pro.  These interactive lessons have everything needed to teach the lesson including prompts the teacher can use, downloadable handouts and links to high quality videos on the internet which illustrate the learning concepts.  Perfect for a sub lesson!
    Cory Wilkerson
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    Cory Wilkerson
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    Posted 17 days ago
    I agree with Cory's suggestions.

    Depending on how long your sub will sub, and whether he or she knows anything about tech theatre, I would suggest going to a video about some aspect of tech instead of trying to get the sub to teach something he or she doesn't know. There are lots of good videos out there.

    You said your class is very tool-oriented. There are also lots of videos on tool use and fabrication which have nothing to do with theatre, but could be really useful in terms of tool use. Personally, I learned a lot more about tool use and safety from books and mags on woodworking than from tech theatre materials.

    George F. Ledo
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