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Once on This Island – Casting Breakdown

  • 1.  Once on This Island – Casting Breakdown

    Posted 11 days ago
    No, this thread is not about the racial makeup of casting this show. With my school in Kenya, I am excited to see what strong connection we can make between this fictional Caribbean island and Kenya's cultures and colonial history.

    What I am looking for now is any advice re: the script's double-casting of named roles and storytellers. This works well for a smaller cast, certainly for the professional production. If you've done the show, for larger school casts, what did you do? Did you just add a larger chorus to the storyteller crew? Did you separate all double-casting and have an entirely different group do all the storytelling? I'd be interested to hear how various productions handled this and it went for you.


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    Posted 10 days ago
    I did the Junior version, but I used separate story tellers and added a small children's chorus because we are a k-8 school.  They exited prior to the hurricane and came back in the end.  I also used a small ensemble of percussionist, that added some rhythms throughout various parts.  They remained on the stage until Ti Moune went to Daniel.  I also used an expanded ensemble in the village and a separate ensemble of Beaux Hommes, to accommodate the casting of more students.

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